Clan Genesis

Discussion in 'Clans' started by KLB, Feb 22, 2012.


Do you want to join? (This is so that your names are easy to locate)

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Clan Genesis

Discussion in 'Clans' started by KLB, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. KLB

    KLB Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The first clan in Starbound. We also have a thread in an unofficial fan forum where we are also the first clan.

    Here's a link to the unofficial forums clan page:
    You're more than welcome to join there too! We hope to be just as active.

    Clan Genesis is a clan the focuses on in game playing, and working together to uncover the mysteries of Starbound, seeing as there will probably be a lot of them. This Clan will be formatted like an informal Navy (I can see this being the most fitting, seeing as the game takes place on a space ship), and has potential to grow! In addition, having a dedicated group of people playing with you side by side, or even together, can be a lot of fun, and being able to have that group always there for you is a great advantage.

    Clan Genesis also plays other games together on the weekends, and there are quite a few up and at 'em events that you can partake in. These meet-ups are usually held in the clan's STEAM chat room which is constantly active with someone willing to lend a helping hand. At times, if text is getting hard on the eyes, the members in the chat decide to take their banter over to Skype and have just as good a time.

    Current Allies:

    Show Spoiler

    1. Clan ORIGINS

    Current Enemies:

    Show Spoiler

    1. The Blue Star Pirates

    Anyone we have an Alliance with deserves your respect. Anyone we are Enemies with deserves the same.

    Member List:

    Admiral: KLB ( KLB )

    ( Nova Fleet doesn't specialize in anything, but rather supports all of the aspects of the other fleets.)

    • Captain: Gmonk ( Gmonkworld )
    • Commanders:
    Nova Fleet Members:
    Show Spoiler

    1. J (Excalibur)
    2. Scootaloo or Zpm346 or Elysian Aura (Scootaloo)
    3. Drew or Drewdawg or Echleon (Drewdawg)
    4. V (Vemere)
    5. Breaker (Brea’Cath)
    6. CboRangle or Cbo (CboRangle)
    7. Mr Shadow (Mr Shadow)
    8. Dehlak or Dehlak Drake (Dehlak)
    9. Alec (Alec)
    10. ChaoticAbyss (ChaoticAbyss)
    11. Mike (Aviator)
    12. Spitfore or Strife (Strife)
    13. Rokas (Rokas : 3)
    14. Lordofrye (Lordofrye)
    15. edwinpks (edwinpks)
    16. Kyung Douglas (KyungDt)
    17. thehenry987 (TheHenry987)
    18. MrCreeper123125 (MrCreeper123125)
    19. Devyn (NotAnAnon)
    20. Bombermansam (Bombermansam)
    21. EpsilonEagle256 or Epsilon or Eagle or E (EpsilonEagle256)
    22. Icefire (Icefire2314)
    23. Cshorty (cshorty9)
    24. Sykes (Sykes)
    25. Hyper-X or Hyper (Hyperex)
    26. Septavius (Septavius)
    27. Gandalf (CobaltWarrior12)
    28. Milk5hake or 5hake (Milk5hake)
    29. Hedgehog (hedgehog30)
    30. Prophet (Prophet)
    31. Ryan (ASInisterIon)

    (The Digital Fleet is also known as: "The Research and Development Fleet". They specialize in crafting anything from a laser gun to a spaceship and more, as well as develop new and astonishing ways to technologically advance them for further benefits. Their motto is: "Investigationis, Progressum, Profectus".)

    Captain: Kefka (Kefka)

    • Greywolfz (Greywolfz)
    • SomaSam (SomaSam)
    Digital Fleet Members:
    Show Spoiler

    1. Antron (A.N.T.I.)
    2. PizzaBoy (PizzaBoy001)
    3. Hunter (Hunter57)
    4. John Kasper or Sven (John Kasper)
    5. Bonoshman (Bonoshman)
    6. Joey (Joey)
    7. S’cream (Iyskreem)
    8. Acrylic (Acrylic)
    9. Marky Mark (GangsterUsername)
    10. Irra or Irradiation (Irradiation)
    11. Light (Light Of Hope)
    12. Caius Ballad (Caius Ballad)
    13. Eight (8Elliot)
    14. M’aiq (M’aiq The Liar)
    15. FelixFB (FelixFB )
    16. Max (Star_Rats)
    17. lugubrious (Lugubrious)
    18. cdogcdl or cdog (cdogcdl)
    19. Josh (JoShBr)
    20. FalconCrystal (FalconCrystal)
    21. Casimir (Casimir VanKrieg)
    22. Shadow (Shadowz7)
    23. Captain Thackerlav (Rocksta37)
    24. HerpDerpy or Herp or Derp (HerpDerpy)
    25. Adrymir (Adrymir)
    26. Gustavo (Knivez5)
    27. Sheerhatred (Sheerhatred) (Steam: raezom)
    28. Sativa (Liraxus)
    29. TheNightOwl (TheNightOwl)
    30. The Master Sensei (The_Master_sensei)
    31. wiggly or wiggly ninja (wiggly ninja)

    [​IMG]Team Disco
    (The Discovery Fleet is in charge of exploring the furthest depths of space, by traveling from planet to planet, taking the resources for a better use in any way possible, and bringing light to the dark mysteries of the vast universe by discovering the truth behind every enigma. Among themselves, they follow the chant: "Travel, Discover, Mine". )

    Captain: Virtual ([the_virtual_boy])

    • Nate (Nathan)
    Discovery Fleet Members:
    Show Spoiler

    1. Fish or Dr. Goldberg (Fishbertus)
    2. Starbi or Star (Starbi)
    3. Polar (Polar !)
    4. Explorer Smith (TheGoldenGaming)
    5. Mercgilado (Mercgilado)
    6. Vizendel (Vizendel)
    7. The Doctor (Doctor Whooves)
    8. Kiddo or Groove (groovegrave)
    9. GhostEcho (TwistedSync)
    10. Banthrau (Banthrau)
    11. Phoenixor Golden (GoldenPhoenix97)
    12. Zak or Blue (Blue_Assassin)
    13. Gooberfruit (Gooberfruit)
    14. Jasko (Jasko)
    15. Scarpelt (Scarpelius)
    16. Klabomm or Mark or Doc (Klabomm)
    17. Astro (Astroniomix)
    18. Oded (Odedrt)
    19. Alpha or Mac or Mack (Alpha Mac)
    20. superpotato (superpotato)
    21. Zanano-Quinito (Sword1050)
    22. hartham (hartham)
    23. Siveon (siveon)
    24. bunnyslap (bunnyslap)
    25. Sleyer (Sleyer)
    26. Chlios1187 (Chlios1187)
    27. Fritz (Spencer Vadnais)
    28. Mr.Mistah (Mr. Mistah)
    29. Dick Chappy or Waitingsilence (WaitingSilence)
    30. Elastic Space Weasel or Newbosauras (Newbosauras)
    31. Crayzon (Crayzon)
    32. Alexander Rin (Prophet of Deception)
    33. TrickTonic or Trick (TrickTonic)
    34. Andreas (AndreasS)
    35. Ceyral or 2.4 (2.4) (Steam: Ceyral)
    36. Huami (Huami)
    37. 2DBurrito (2DBurrito)
    38. maxisamillion (maxisamillion)

    (The Gaia Fleet specializes in the ways of the planets. They catalog all of the plant and animal life, and capture and tame the respective. They also terraform the land as well as construct buildings to make it more suitable for our clan to live on.)

    Captain: Irrelephant or Irre (Irrelephant)

    Gaia Fleet Members:
    Show Spoiler

    1. Peter (PeterTheOverlord)
    2. Aidoboy or Aidobot or Aidodude or Aidocool or Aido (Aidoboy)
    3. Rubik Chanlin (TechnoRaven)
    4. Bughunter or Xavier (Bughunter)
    5. TheSlimeGuy (Sodinkle-NMT)
    6. Inky (Inkheart)
    7. Ruskin (RuskinReynolds)
    8. Jaz (JazofSpades)
    9. JohnnyValentino or John Valentino (JohnnyValentino)
    10. karlomka (karlomka)
    11. Quincy (Quincy the battle bard)
    12. AntTheRockStar (AntTheRockStar)
    13. Pvt Andersmith (Pvt. Andersmith)
    14. Xorianth (Xorianth)
    15. FatefulRicochet or Ricochet(FatefulRicochet)
    16. Saurus (Saurus)
    17. MrAngel (MrAngel)
    18. Ducko (Ducko)
    19. Guy or Frank (Supman)
    20. Bella (Bella)
    21. Pacific (Pacific)
    22. Sgt. TreeNut or Huntion (Sgt. TreeNut)
    23. Mastaf (Mastaf)
    24. Elija or Eli (Mist Eerir Owhs(Elijah))
    25. DIR (DeanDactyl)
    26. Panda (Panda)
    27. Treeman4 (Treeman4)
    28. H-Alo or Hao (H-Alo)
    29. Cactus or Cacti or Sam (Cacti)
    30. Chrnometer or Gus or Chrono (Chronometer)
    31. Mivader or Miv or Vader (mivader)
    32. Luninani (Luninani)
    33. Jordan or Lavulpe or McTopRamen (LaVulpe98)


    The application is not to censor out people, but rather to collect everyone for future purposes. Which is why it's as basic as it it.

    (Please send me AND the officers of the Team you wish to join (if any) a PM (not a profile post), in addition to a thread post, of your app so that I can see who joins. In addition, please post in it in the thread as well so that the leader if each team can accept you in to the clan you wish to join.)
    • Name: (Choose whatever you want. This is what people can call you in addition to your forum name. I'll be putting your Forum name is parentheses so that people can locate you).
    • Steam Name: (This is so that everyone can locate each other on the Steam Group, which can be located via link down below).
    • Reason for wanting to Join: (This is for the team. We want to be able to know what we're doing right!)
    • Fleet you want to Join: (You can ask to join any of the 4 fleets: The Nova Fleet, The Digital Fleet, The Discovery Fleet, and The Gaia Fleet. A Commander or the Captain of the fleet you wish to join will have to accept this part. Please send them a PM as well as me, so that I can back up this information offline. Please note that the Nova Fleet is no longer the default fleet, and thus, you must get confirmation from Gmonkworld, the Nova Captain, or any of the Nova Commanders).
    And here's the Steam Group:
    Also, here's the Clan's Forum:

    Due to a recent surge of people using colored text, I request that you do not use any color here. It has been discussed for a while, therefor there is no room for further discussion. Please, do not use colored text. Thank you in advance.
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    • [the_virtual_boy]

      [the_virtual_boy] Void-Bound Voyager

      Name: Virtual
      Steam Name: [the_virtual_boy]
      Reason: I am already in this clan, but as a formality I am writing this application.
      • KLB

        KLB Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Welcome back!
        • Excalibur

          Excalibur Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Well it couldn't hurt.
          Name: J
          Steam Name: J of Awesomeness
          Reason for joining: I am excited for this game being developed so I am going to put an application in to a clan equally excited if not more for this game.
          • A.N.T.I.

            A.N.T.I. Ketchup Robot

            You seem familiar... have we met?
            Name: Antron (Just Antron this time)
            Steam: Sooperguy50
            Why do I want to join: Well I thought I'd joing just because, oh I don't know cause whatevs, and I want to RULE THE- Er I mean have fun! With you... humans.
            • KLB

              KLB Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Glad to have you aboard!

              Welcome back...? That was weird, why did I say that. Have we met? (XP)
              • FelixFB

                FelixFB Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Steamname: FelixFB
                Reason for joining: Looks interesting and I am interested (was in the unofficial forum group ;))
                • Irrelephant

                  Irrelephant Big Damn Hero

                  Name:Irrelephant, usually Irre for short
                  Steam Name: Irrelephant
                  Reason for joining: I'm a pretty excited about this game, and I love clan gameplay.
                  • Kefka

                    Kefka Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Name: Kefka
                    Steam Name: volatilemikhol
                    Reason: This game, as I'm sure you know, will have many mysteries to uncover, and what better way than to find them as a team! I'd love to be part of that team.
                    • Scootaloo

                      Scootaloo Void-Bound Voyager

                      • Name: Scootaloo/Zpm346/Elysian Aura
                      • Steam Name: Scootaloo_[zpm346]
                      • Reason for wanting to Join: Well, I want to be able to say that I joined the first clan so early, and chances are that this will be a huge group one day when this game gets big! Also, I'd like discuss/talk about the game with people who care about it.
                      Eh, I joined right when the official forums were released, so I didn't get to spend much time there :p
                      • Drewdawg

                        Drewdawg Big Damn Hero

                        • Name: Drew,Drewdawg,Echleon
                        • Steam Name: drewsterraria (I had to make a completely new steam for terraria so sucky name :p)
                        • Reason for joining: I never joined a clan in Terraria and I feel I missed out on alot. I also hope to be able to play with a couple people when the gmae comes out.
                        • KLB

                          KLB Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Sorry for the delay. Welcome all!

                          Feel free to converse, this thread feels a little dry. Enjoy!!
                          • Excalibur

                            Excalibur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            Well then, Hello all.
                            • FelixFB

                              FelixFB Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Hello, again.
                              • Excalibur

                                Excalibur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                How is it going?
                                • FelixFB

                                  FelixFB Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  It's going good.
                                  • Excalibur

                                    Excalibur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Well thats good.
                                    • Kefka

                                      Kefka Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Weather sure is nice here, wonder if there will be weather ingame.
                                      • Excalibur

                                        Excalibur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Space weather!
                                        • Milk5hake

                                          Milk5hake Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Already a member on the UnOff, applying to have it official here too :D
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