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  1. Zancuno
    Zancuno Nugearv2
    Lucario Race Dev here. I commented on your review, even though problem reporting shouldn't be posted there. I've been waiting to hear more about the problem from you with hopefully a log file posted to the mod page's discussion tab. You have a much higher word count there, can upload images, and even upload your log file for me to see. I need this info to solve the problem as it may be a mod conflict.
  2. big boy
    big boy
    currently learnin' to mod
  3. Roke Eagle
    Roke Eagle
    Uh oh... I messed up!
  4. Mack KunZ
  5. SassyCat
    Step into my parlor fellas!
  6. SassyCat
    Head empty...,,,,,,,, No thoughts
  7. SassyCat
  8. Ygrek Starmagedon
    Ygrek Starmagedon
    Lol actually I changed the magenta in avatar into purple finally XD
  9. Falanir
  10. CoraldaPhoenix2578
    Working on a mod for my hun hun
  11. CoraldaPhoenix2578
    Working on a mod for my poo
  12. Galandrix
    Galandrix Joseph K
    ps. fix for debuff when in mech and on moon
  13. Emilynchen11
    Emilynchen11 hpeinar
    I try to render my farm but it does not work (I have the Four Corners layout) What could I do ?
  14. Largest Goose
  15. Elimy
    Elimy hpeinar
    I've been trying to use the Stardew Planner for a few days now in order to plan a farm with the new map, however the farm won't render in any season. Has it just not been updated for the Four Corners farm, or is this a glitch I'm having? Thanks!
  16. Tyle
    mfw you can port Excel charts into Inkscape for easy editing, vector is amazing
  17. Xlr8t0r
    play one game a lot is not cool just a bit is cool ;)
  18. Sonija
    leave no stone unturned
  19. OrcaRice
  20. wickedinsanity