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  2. theflamingchuthulu
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    @strwbeby on twitter
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    Plotting and Planning
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    Just living the mom gamer life.
  8. Maggiemay1
    Maggiemay1 ConcernedApe
    I love the starview valley but it has a glitch in it, I sometimes cannot move player ,so I die ,lose items and money.i have tried starting again in new game but same happens, it is really is putting me off playing. I am using iPad Pro 12.9 2019.
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    Lunatic Lizzie
    An Awful Clown "Person"
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  11. Isaac MacPherson
    Isaac MacPherson BlueLeafeon
    I made a beta version of the tree mod we've been discussing. Check it out in your thread.
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    Aurim Bonestorm
    I love Stardew Valley
  17. Sock_Bunny
    Sock_Bunny Aegonian
    Hi! :D

    I was wondering if it'd be possible for me to use your mod's Event Utility and Invisibility/Cloaking scripts in one of my mods (Shattered Alchemy).

    If it's okay with you, the scripts will be used to make an item change depending on the current holiday, and Potions of Invisibility/Shrouding Fog work as expected.

    If there's any format for how you'd like to be credited, please let me know!
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    pizzaharuhi Misledz
    ^-^ *HOMF*
  20. KittehKaos
    I are sad to not have sound in Stardew Valley Mobile.