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  1. Nona the Second
    Nona the Second
    It's 4/20, apparently, so... well, it's tradition to get high or something, right? I think?
  2. patrycjakot90
  3. Nona the Second
    Nona the Second
    GAH, FENNIXES ARE SO CUTE! Who's a good lil boy? WHO'S A GOOD LIL BOY?
  4. ElliotSB
  5. sarahcorkery
    I am playing the ios version of stardew valley on my sierra mac, and want to transfer its save files to the Steam version of the game. Help!
  6. ceeceecutiepie
    Just trynna unwind on my pretty little farm. Nap under a maple tree or something ya dig.
  7. marchelo
    marchelo hpeinar
    Good Morning,
    I am very grateful for such an excellent tool for planning the layout of my farm. But for a few months, I could not specify how long ago, that the button "Save plan as picture" is not working.
    Currently what I do is put in full screen, and zoom out and take a screenshot. Then I edit the image.
    I know this same bug happened before and it was fixed.
  8. quixoticstargazer
    quixoticstargazer Wall of Knowledge
    Greetings, Wall of Knowledge.

    I've updated the Super /sbg/ Race Mod, using Skittles' advanced template. All races are selectable, but I have to run more tests to ensure there are no errors.

    I won't upload here or on Steam (I read permissions), but I wanted to let you know, in case you're interested in having it up-to-date with no extra work (aside from tech images).


    Are you still around?
    1. quixoticstargazer
      There were temporary issues with only harpies showing up in creation, but after using the template on another race, and comparing files, the mod is now functional once again. All 10 races can do the tutorial with no trouble, their racial effects appear to be active, Hubnester's BYOS patches still work, and I've added codexes of the lore you've typed.
      Apr 16, 2021 at 9:23 AM
  9. kay the farmer
    kay the farmer hpeinar
    my layout not is saving on my pc what do i do?
  10. Nickthegreat
    bruh i just logged into this account for starbound
  11. Luisangela13
  12. Floral Florans
    Floral Florans
    please delete this account i beg of you
    1. DrVoodoo
      Apr 15, 2021 at 12:46 PM
  13. Nona the Second
    Nona the Second
    I don't know why people use Erchius Crystals, I mean, they're a good snack, but the liquid fuel's easier to get...
  14. Nona the Second
    Nona the Second
    Terraforming a planet by paw is hard D:
  15. Nikola_Cony
    "People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." - Isaac Asimov
  16. TipicalNeko
  17. TipicalNeko
  18. alejooooo6
  19. woneal
    massive ego
  20. woneal
    i am cool