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A.V.I.A.N. Avian Core

Artificial Visual Intelligent Assistance Network

  1. Stuff

    - includes spelling and grammar corrections.
    - fixed alignment issue with radiomessage portrait
    - fixed default ai showing when 'yelling' for mech warnings.
  2. Smol update

    Compatiability for the pet mod. Also tweaked some dialog
  3. Broke FU support last time

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  4. Fix for custom radiomessages from FU

    Turns out that by making it work with all custom races, it no longer works with custom radiomessages.
    Which means, they are now what needs dedicated support.
    But there's still far less mods that have custom radio messages than race mods. So it shouldn't be too often that we need to add special support.
    Also all messages have to be replaced with just "talk"
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  5. Support for all custom races?

    After some discussion, we have re-written how A.V.I.A.N is applied.
    TLDR version: we’ve made it more compatible with custom races, so there will be less confusion and crashes. Hopefully this won’t break existing compatibility with custom races.

    The details:
    -The ai.config.patch file has been re-written, and is now less derpy, so it doesn’t delete+replace everything.
    -“objects\spawner\techstation.lua” and “quests\scripts\portrait.lua” are used to override some dialogue and portraits during...
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  6. Pony fix and Slime Girl Race

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  7. Sound feex and race support

    Version: Slim Avian

    Thanks to La!

    Fixed the silence.

    Added support for the following custom races:
    -Sleeker Glitch
    -Pony modpack races
    -Hive Wasp Race

    Also made her smol as a filesize
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  8. Custom Missions and some more Custom Races

    I quickly derped around and made it so that it doesn't crash when you select a custom mission.
    When there are custom radio messages from a mod, she will be the face of them. Though, her animation will be simple like the vanilla ai.
    Her dialogue is unchanged from the mod's radio messages.

    Also I did not test Frackin Universe thoroughly. Only just the crash with the mission people reported about.
    So, if there are more crashes or glitches, feel free to tell me.
    And I hope it will solve...
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  9. Custom race support

    Added custom race support for:

    And untested for:

    I also changed a few other things.
    Maybe it will fix other issues you might have. Especially when the portrait for the radio messages is missing. No guarantee tho...
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  10. Update to 1.0

    Did a complete overhaul to her since the default AI of the vanilla game has also been pretty much overhauled.

    It is no longer possible to make a version for each race. The mod replaces all race AIs at once again. The reason why this might work with other AI mods is because they're most likely just reskins of the defaul AI, with the same dialogue and everything.
    My mod really replaced and added a lot of dialogue, which is sadly shared by all races in the game.
    Though, it also made the...