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Outdated Aeroponics 1.2b

Adds aeroponics tanks; chance for plants to drop seeds; biofuel for your ship; glycerol.

  1. Xordaii
    Coal isn't very green, or very futuristic. My kids and I decided biodiesel fuel was a lot more acceptable (and easier to get) as a fuel source. It is also renewable. We also wanted hydroponics on our ships. A little research, and aeroponics looked more interesting.

    • We changed the farmables to drop extra seeds when they drop extra fruit. All farmables have a chance to drop plantfibre instead.
    • Added seeds for all 3 flowers and mushrooms. All work with this mod and Gardenbot.
    • Either 20 seeds or 20 plantfibre can be turned into 1 vegetable oil.
    • Pick up an Iron Bar to get the expeller recipe for older characters. The rest will follow.
    • Vegetable oil becomes biofuel or glycerol. If it becomes possible in the future, would like to merge their recipes to be dual output for single recipe.**
    • Glycerol can make bombs or molotovs at the moment.
    • Aeroponics block added to game. Tillable. Looks much better on ships than dirt. Try picking up a Polymer to get the recipes if it doesn't show at the Metal Workstation.
    • Added alternate polymer recipe. (The original didn't show for me, and after digging around, it was flawed. Decided on an alternate recipe, since I didn't like the original anyway. More uses for plantfibre now!) Pick up Copper Ore for recipe.
    • Thank you abdula321 for telling me how much fuel Starfoundry generators are limited to using. Barrels are worth 1000 fuel and canisters are worth 100 to be compatible. These two items also have conversion recipes in case you have one but need the other for some reason.
    • If you put in a stack of seeds/fibre in the expeller and it doesn't finish when you think it should, THIS IS NOT A BUG. I have no control over this, it is Chucklefish code. The game finishes one recipe and waits for you to initiate another. So the 200 seed recipe will process first, then hit CRUSH again for the 20 seed recipe to process what is left.
    ** Game mechanics doesn't allow for two results from a recipe. If the game ever changes, the oil is supposed to produce glycerol AND biodiesel. Since we can't do that, you get a choice to make one or the other with it. If I am wrong and there IS a way, please post letting me know about it.
    *** I don't see a need to rebalance at this time. I do have some friends testing it, but really between the plants now growing when the player is not present, ALL plants dropping extra fibre and seeds, and 1 seed/fibre == 5 fuel, I really think the values are about right. It doesn't take long to get the seeds, and I refuse to make each seed worth much more fuel than digging up coal. As it is, I used to have it at 5 seeds == 1 fuel. I am sorry, but this mod isn't about instant fuel. It is only an alternative to mining, not a cheat.

    Walkthrough on recipes
    1. Pick up "copperore" to get the alternate recipe for "polymer"
    a. Pick up "polymer" from either recipe to get the recipe for "aeroponictank"
    b. Aeroponics needs metal workstation, so you need to defeat the penguin to make.​
    2. PIck up "ironbar" to get the recipe for the "expeller" crafting table.
    a. Use the expeller on 20 seeds or plantfibre to get "vegetableoil"
    b. Can also use 200 seeds or fibre at a time to get 10 "vegetableoil"
    c. Pick up the "vegetableoil" to get recipes for "biofuelbarrel", "biofuelrefinery", "biofuelcanister" and "glycerol"​
    3. At the refinery,
    a. Use 10 "vegetableoil" to make 1 "biofuelbarrel" or 1 "vegetableoil" to make 1 "biofuelcanister"
    b. Can also use 100 "vegetableoil" to make 10 "biofuelbarrel" and 50 "vegetableoil" to make 50 "biofuelcanister"
    c. Pick up "glycerol" to get recipes for "molotov" and "bomb"
    d. Use 1 "vegetableoil" to make 1 "glycerol"
    e. Use 1 "glycerol" to make 2 bombs or 5 molotovs​
    4. For convenience, new recipes to turn barrels into canisters and back. 1 barrel will make 10 canisters and reverse.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fix for molotovs
  2. I can see my face!
  3. Starfoundry compatible

Recent Reviews

  1. boxtw
    Version: 1.2b
  2. SoulOfSorin
    Version: 1.1b
  3. TrueWolves
    Version: 1.1b
    There is a way to get both resources, you have a dedicated building that inputs the base material and outputs in 2 separate slots both the glycol and the bio-fuel. If that doesn't work, another, if less convenient way, is to set up a repeatable quest with required materials and the "Rewards" being those 2 materials. Both are kinda awkward (the latter more so) but should be possible.
  4. AlexQuinn13
    Version: 1.1b
    Great idea. Thanks for this since it does add a more interesting way to farm and get fuel!
  5. abdula321
    Version: 1.0
    Excelent solution for Starfoundry energy problem by fueling combusting generator with biofuell.

    But I think barrels is too bulk now. I patched plant->oil by reducing it cost 5 times, and oil->biofuel by reducing it cost 10 times and fuel amount by 50 times.
    (this keep plant->fuel ratio same, but allow to feed generator, which capacity < 100 fuel)

    Also bombs looks overprices.
    1. Xordaii
      Author's Response
      I will try to fix it for compatibility with Starfoundry. I think that is an excellent idea.
  6. dawnstorme
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice mod...was always nagging at my mind about the coal too...and nice sprite work.