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[Airless Dungeons] [v.1.1]

Dungeons don't need to breathe... right?

  1. [IMPORTANT!] Inclusion compatibility fix with FU

    This new patch contains a compatibility fix for those using Frackin' Universe.

    Given how mods load, there is a large chance that Frackin' Flora will load after this mod, as well as all mods dependant of it. Therefore, I have added the inclusion of Frackin' Flora in the metadata to avoid overwriting certain dungeon spawns.

    This will stop all mods dependant of Airless Dungeons from being overwritten by Frackin' Flora, as the game will always load it before this mod and any other dependant mod. As well, this fixes the issues of the Gyrusens+ dungeons from spawning in respectively.

    Any issues, please hop on by the discussion page and let me know!
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