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Angry Birds Race Thing 1.0 I guess

Not updating I just need to get this out

  1. Eralia
    as mentioned this will not be getting further updates (i completely lost interest in angry birds), i just need to get this mod out at some point. obviously you need some race extension mod for this

    adds a new playable species, they are 2 blocks tall and animate really simply but have a ridiculous amount of customization
    rando variety2.png
    available customization4.png
    also theres hats, all available through the spinning wheel for pixels. i think i SHOULD have all of them implemented contrary to what the image says, but if they dont show in the spinning wheel then look at the mod's files to get a hat's internal name and then just /spawnitem it in (ie /spawnitem epiclightningangrybirdhead)
    every hat3 oops.png
    these hats have a lot of unique colors
    willow hats4.png

    they also have a unique slingshot weapon (the last tier is upgradeable in the vaults), unique objects and can be summoned as tenants. all these things can only be made if you play as this species, so if you just play as any other species you shouldnt encounter anything

    they also have a lot of unique associated converse dialogue and object descriptions

    disclaimer i dont own angry birds. obviously
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    1. baeutiful pictf.png
    2. sure have.png
    3. mighty.png
    4. really.png
    5. worst maintained village2 but not really.png