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Anime Faces (Still works with Version 1.3!) 9/27/17

Changes faces and emotes to be more anime-esque.

  1. A major mod overhaul!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Some of the changes include:
    - New face models.
    - Finished emotes.
    - Mod split into smaller mods, for those who are selective as to which races should receive the anime treatment.

  2. Still works, even with Glad Giraffe!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Even though this mod has not been modified since it was last updated for Enraged Koala, and even though this mod was discontinued (for now), I can verify that it still works, even in Glad Giraffe (and I wouldn't be surprised if it still works once version 1.0 of Starbound is released). The reason why this mod still works to this day is probably because the mod only modified a few .png files, while the original files are still in use today.

    Because of this, I would like to ask the mods and...
  3. Still works, despite the vast changes from Upbeat Giraffe!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Most likely because the mod only changed .png files is the reason why it still works. That, and nothing was re-arranged in the default files. ^_^
  4. Enraged Emote

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod has been updated for Enraged Koala.
  5. Furious Koala Update

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    This mod has been updated for Furious Koala.