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AnTiMonster - Big Bag of Monsters 2.1

Monsterparts to add more variation. 137 Parts and more WIP.

  1. Large Bird Parts

    - 4x body
    - 6x heads
    - 3x wings
  2. Port to Starbound 1.0

    - Reordering Monster Categories
    - Getting rid of the old obsolete values in every .monsterpart file
    - Preparing for Steam Workshop and .pack
  3. Furious Koala Update, a bugfix and the new attacks

    Updated for Furious Koala.
    I checked through all monsterparts, added the new special attacks when it was fitting and fixed one bug along the way. It should work fine.

    One thing that looked a bit strange are the bird wings. Are they faster now? The butterfly wings are so fast now, it looks like a flickering bug (no, not the bug "bug", but the programming "bug".) I'll probably change the animation to make it less flickery...
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  4. Quadruped update

    A small update that finally adds some part for the larger Quadrupeds.

    And VEGETABLE LAMB contributet 4 additional parts for Quadrupeds and Bipeds:
    Spiderbody, Goathead, Flufftail and Feathertail

  5. 31 new parts for tinyquadrupeds


    12 bodies and 19 tails
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  6. 10 new Tallbiped parts

    Happy New Year.

    Here comes a small update that adds 10 new parts for tallbipeds:
    • 2 Heads
    • 5 Body Parts
    • 3 Tails
    I also did a bit more testing together with Sartharis'...
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  7. Update for Angry Koala

    Updated and tested with Angry Koala.

    Please DELETE old version first! I changed some folders.

    Since the mod does not overwrite any existing files, it is in synch with the new mod merge system.
    All my files are perfectly prefixed and compatible with anything.

    I also checked all parts so far for individual monster properties and slightly adjusted the walk speed and run speed of the small biped body parts.
    The biped heads already have individual sounds. And other...
  8. Now actually with the new zip file...

    Sorry for the messed up update yesterday, my battery was almost depleted and I rushed.

    I forgot to add the new version number and the zip file wasn't really replaced.
    So, here is the real zip. The alternate download link on the description page is always up to date. See the last update description for details: 6 new heads, subfolder in zip.

    The main page is up to date now, too.
  9. 6 Heads for tall bipeds and a change in the zip structure

    I' ve been working hard for Industrialization, so here are only 6 new heads for tall bipeds.


    I also changed the way I pack the files! They are now in a subfolder. This is less confusing to install and more convenient: Simply open the zip and drag and drop the subfolder into Starbound/mods

    make sure that the...
  10. 17 new monsterparts for Birds and Smallbiped

    • 4 new wings for birds (smallflying)
    • 1 new head for birds
    • 7 heads for smallbiped
    • 2 bodies for smallbiped
    • 1 tail for smallbiped
    • 2 arms for smallbiped
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