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AnTiVegetation - Extended plant parts 2.4

More variation for generated plants and farmables.

  1. Bugfix and Grass

    There was a nasty bug preventing beaming down to new lush and forest planets. It was caused by a typo in one of the names.

    Amount of grass increased to 19. For different biomes like snowy, arid, foresty, jungle, colorful...
    To prevent further bugs I changed some more things:
    - I made (empty) .patch files for every biome, to have a better overview
    - I don't type, but copypaste the names and code into the biome.patches
    - Tested it a lot more by flying to new planets
    - I uploaded this and other mods source files to github[github.com] because
    -- Backup
    -- Keeping track of changes
    -- Make code and files easily viewable for other people. Especially other modders checking compatibility.
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