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Archemis Armory 0.5

"Archemis, the magic of life; its essence, which binds us to this mortal realm which we call home."

  1. G.Xyon
    DISCLAIMER: This mod is in Beta! While most bugs have been ironed out, some content is incomplete!


    "Archemis, the magic of life; its essence, which binds us to this mortal realm which we call home."


    Welcome to Archemis Armory, a magical mod for magical folk!

    Archemis Armory focuses on exploration through research, understanding what consitutes the essence of life as we know it, and experimenting with that which we can (and can't) see!

    In order to even understand and research what Archemis is and how it manifests around us, we must begin our quest with the Archemius Study.

    The Archemius Study will be your main hub for researching your findings and coming to understand what things are within this mod. This study (among other crafting tables) will be available in the Inventor's Table. Make sure you have some Black Ink and Papers stocked up, you'll need them!

    You will need a way to harvest the many forms of Archemis! Heading to the anvil you will encounter some new weapons:
    [​IMG]Archemis Scythe
    [​IMG]Archemis Spear
    [​IMG]Archemis Chainscythe
    [​IMG]Archemis Crossbow
    [​IMG]Archemis Javelin

    Each of these weapons have the ability to invoke different ways for Archemis to drop from monsters, so be at the ready to slay with them all!

    Once you've gotten a handful of of these drops, be ready to craft the rest of the stations:
    Archemis Imbuing Station: The Archemis Imbuing Station is a unique "crafting table" that only accepts specific items in specific amounts around it. When the appropriate items are nearby it on the floor, it will light up and an imbuing ritual will commence! These recipes have been lost to time and can only be found by studious peers who decide to delve into imbuement magic.
    [Status: Complete!]

    Brewing Station: Your one-stop place for anything drinkable and throwable that isn't food! The brewing station contains a plethora of brews and bombs for you to use and experiment with! Sometimes negative things have a positive outcome...
    [Status: Incomplete!]

    Forging Station: When your archemis weapons start to feel a bit dull, this is where you go to sharpen them! The Forging station crafts your hard-earned archemis materials, armors, and weapons, upgrading them and making them better! Only those who study the arts of forging the ethereal will know how and where to use them!
    [Status: Incomplete!]

    With this knowledge in your hands, you're ready to become a master Archemius!

    Some quick video tutorials to help you get started!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. darkus32
    Version: 0.1
    I'm looking forward for this mod to be finished so i'll be able to leave that fifth star.