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Archemis Armory 0.5

"Archemis, the magic of life; its essence, which binds us to this mortal realm which we call home."

  1. Archemis Armory has officially updated to [BETA]!

    Q: What's the main difference between [ALPHA] and [BETA]?
    A: All of the core features that have been planned for the mod have been implemented and functioning properly! Everything now currently has a purpose; some content might be missing, but we hope that this won't detract from the enjoyment of the mod!

    Q: What are some of the changes done?
    A: Well, let's break it down:

    +/- The crops have been substantially nerfed in regards to growing time: now they should take, at most, 30 minutes to bear fruit. This is a global change that affects every crop at every tier! Previously every tier would have different growth timers, such as the Tier 3 crops sporting an unnecessarily high 1-hour timer.

    +/- ALL of the runes now have actual effects! The exact effects are documented within the "Imbuing Guide Book Vol.4" codex item.

    +/- Several potions have received tweaks:
    • Invisibility potion was scrapped for now and replaced with a Max Energy boost. Due to this, the Rage potion has had its energy-boosting portion removed and has been given a buff in regards to damage increase.
    • Ice now fully locks in place instead of slowing down. I was frozen today!
    • Shock now slows down enemies and causes a small DoT.
    • Poison now halves enemy health! But returns the removed amount upon expiration.
    + Added some text effect to Serums and Bomb effects upon being applied.

    Please Note! Serums are Bombs are still being reviewed and are subject to change at any point. This also includes their recipes, which will be changed at one point once the brewing branch is complete!
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