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Ashspeaker's The House Of Peace (prev. EP's Shadow Expansion)

Adds new playable race with themed objects, dungeons and LORE

  1. Consistency Update

    Evil Parrot
    - Full Rebalance of every shadow item
    - Rebalanced recipes
    - Improved sound effects
    - Reworked racial descriptions for every item in the game
    - (unless I missed some)
    - Enshaded now have cosmetic changes while the Enshaded status effect is applied ^^
    - Rebalanced loot drops
    - Reworked Ashes planets. Now these are cold planets that contain new ores
    - Grammar Crusade
    - Changed how food works for Shadows. Now phylacteries are stackable and are craftable with larger variety of food items
    - Added burning effect to Shadow characters
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