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Automatic Doors 3.9

Makes all doors open and close automatically!

  1. -big code rewrite by bk3k

    -consolidated some functions for cleanliness and efficiency
    -outer door dimensions are calculated from storage.spaces
    *horizontal doors are detected by this method
    *as well as the true center which serves as the scan radius center(modified for horizontal)
    -better support of alternative materials for materialSpaces
    -a hook for modders to call their own functions(as long as they list door.lua first)
    -use of package for cleaner code
    -less lag in colonies by greatly optimizing how doorOccupiesSpace() works by saving the real locations rather than constantly recalculating this
    *this also ties into how door calculations are handled
    -attribute support for "platformDoor" : true that would make door scan from the center rather than below only on horizontal doors
    *this will require the "Platform Hatches" mod author to add this attribute, or I'll throw out a seperate patch if they won't/don't do so.
    -the door state will only reflect upon the first output node if multiple exist
    -the second output node (if any) will output based off of detecting the entity types it is set to detect aka "player" and "vehicle" by default
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