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Automatic Doors 3.6

Makes all doors open and close automatically!

  1. short bugfix

    -fix for openMaterialSpaces
  2. -big code rewrite by bk3k

    -consolidated some functions for cleanliness and efficiency
    -outer door dimensions are calculated from storage.spaces
    *horizontal doors are detected by this method
    *as well as the true center which serves as the scan radius center(modified for horizontal)
    -better support of alternative materials for materialSpaces
    -a hook for modders to call their own functions(as long as they list door.lua first)
    -use of package for cleaner code
    -less lag in colonies by greatly optimizing how...
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  3. fixes and new exceptions

    -npc query radius once more larger to prevent retractable door spasms
    -added retractable platforms to exceptions
  4. fixes

    -npc query radius larger to prevent retractable door spasms
    -horizontal doors again close immediately if a player jumps through them from bottom up
  5. reverted & fixes

    -reverted from 3.1 till other issues are fixed
    -wired doors now stay open after reloading the game
  6. fixes

    -Opened wired doors now stay open (fix for hylotl cities and missions), doors close faster now
  7. re-rewrite

    -re-rewrite of the mod. Trimmed code in some places, made it more modular in others. Should now have no problem with missions(vanilla problems aside) but let us know if you do!
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  8. avian mission fix

    -horizontal doors now wait a second before closing if opened forcefully (avian mission fix)
  9. The 'I know I will regret saying this, but: "Everything should be fixed now" fix'

    Last update: v2.5
    -locked doors stay locked (glitch and hylotl mission fix)
    -npcs now also close the doors behind them (disregarding of who opened them)
    -better performance
    -wired doors should now close when wired initially
  10. damn trapdoors and wired doors fix

    -all trapdoors and wired doors should finally work now! (fix for missions)
    -general code cleanup
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