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Automatic Doors 3.9

Makes all doors open and close automatically!

  1. avian mission fix

    -horizontal doors now wait a second before closing if opened forcefully (avian mission fix)
  2. The 'I know I will regret saying this, but: "Everything should be fixed now" fix'

    Last update: v2.5
    -locked doors stay locked (glitch and hylotl mission fix)
    -npcs now also close the doors behind them (disregarding of who opened them)
    -better performance
    -wired doors should now close when wired initially
  3. damn trapdoors and wired doors fix

    -all trapdoors and wired doors should finally work now! (fix for missions)
    -general code cleanup
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  4. trapdoor fix

    -trapdoors and hidden doors should again be an exclusion (fix for missions)
  5. Starbound Release Update!

  6. bugfix, new exceptions

    -added exception for templehiddentrapdoor and dirttrapdoor (thanks to Manjaro for the report)
    -fixed a bug where you couldn't open exceptional doors by hand
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  7. Glad Giraffe update

    -update for glad_giraffe beta
  8. lunar base door fix

    -fix for lunar base door
  9. upbeat giraffe release!

    IMPORTANT! Installation folder has changed, you now need to install the mod in the giraffe_storage/mods/ directory instead of just the mods/ directory!

    -updated for upbeat_giraffe beta
    -reworked logic slightly, now when you stand in automatic range and close the door manually, it will stay closed until you walk out of range and again also when an NPC opens the door they will stay open until you entered the opening range once and then they'll...
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  10. quality of life changes

    Important: be sure to uninstall old versions first!

    -doors remember now if you've opened them automatically, this mainly means that doors that were opened by NPC's won't get automatically closed when you approach them, but you rather have to interact with them manually once before they become automatic until the next NPC uses them; this is mainly here so you can walk through a village and leave the doors in the state like the NPC's left them

    -NPC detection for horizontal doors deactivated,...