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Automatic Irrigator v2.3

Automated irrigation with resource cost

  1. Minor Changes

    Some people complained that the pipe recipe wouldn't show up for them, so now its enabled by default and everybody will hopefully find it right away.

    Also if you don't like the look of the pipes you are now free to place them directly behind the fields. Optionally you can still place them behind and above the soil if you like, so the change won't break your existing farms.
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  2. Fixed freezing bug

    Fixed a bug that would semi randomly appear when having only one pipe behind the irrigator.

    Btw for anyone starting a new game have you tried out the new watering can?
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  3. The hotfix hotfixed. The last upload didn't work for some reason

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Hot hot hotfix

    Hotfix because pipe irrigator stopped working, refer to previous update for changelog.
    (Watering can and more)
  5. Watering Can Upgrades

    This update introduces a new watering can to make low tier farming more enjoyable.
    The regular old irrigator has been downgraded to be less automated, but its also cheaper now and available at a lower crafting tier.
    The pipe irrigator has retained all of its features, but has gotten a tiny bit more expensive D:

    Semi-Complete changelog:

    added waterbarrel as a low-tier way to collect water
    -currently there isn't much use for this and there might not be for a while

    corrected description of...
  6. Pipes!

    A mod update? In time for christmas? Is it possible?

    Well yeah.

    The major addition of irrigation pipes is finally here. I will update the main post with the stats.

    The pipes should be pretty self explanatory through their ingame description, but heres a short explanation:
    Pick up a titanium bar to learn new recipes.
    Craft the new pipe irrigator to unlock the pipe recipe (enjoy the cheap recipes btw they won't last forever)
    Pipes are meant to be cheap and you will get a decent amount for...
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  7. Changes and fixes

    This update is mostly minor changes with 1 new feature, it's version 2 already because i am preparing to expand my scope to include multiple different kinds of irrigators und more!

    Biggest changes: Irrigator now works slower, has reduced range but can also automatically refill itself. I usually wouldn't put such a feature in but there seem to be almost no options right now to automatically move items.


    added irrigation pipe tile and item and recipe (unused, for now ;) )