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Avali (Triage) 1.11.0

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. 1.11.0

    - Tabs for the Nanoloom UI have been added.
    - The large avali flag is now recolorable at the avali colorizer
    - The P-2 Hail will now unlock the P-X Hail when you craft one (you may need to craft a new one)
    - A sprite bug has been fixed, and the avali bottles now have a price
  2. new door who's this?

    + Merged in the mods "Extra Avali Mannequins", Extra Avali Doors", and "Extra Avali Objects" by Lhoxris
    * Changed the recipes for the pilums to make bigger bundles much more cheaply. As an example, the tier 1 pilum used to cost 6 iron bars and 3 aerogel to make 3 pilum, now it costs one of each to make 25

    Thanks to @ulrellik on Github for the following fixes:
    * Added the 'sniper' tag to the railgun so it'll work with Frackin Universe armor bonuses.
    * FIxed the spelling...
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  3. Lots of stuff

    Hey, been a while, hasn't it?

    Lots of smaller changes and fixes from too many names to count.

    *Updated all melee weapons to the aerogel damage type.
    +More dialogue options. Avali NPCs will now have lines for Ningen, Fenerox, Penguin, Novali, Smolvali, Aegi, Avikan, Akkimari, Droden, Trink, Eevee, Familiar, Felin, Lamia, Lucario, Kitsune, Moogle, Saturnians, and Spirit Guardians. Many of these races will also have custom lines from their NPCs to avali players
    +A new ribbon icon to help...
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  4. Version 1.9

    Been a while, hasn't it?

    We've got a bit of excitement. A new space encounter, but nothing much to actually do, just go and loot the place. An avali microdungeon on ocean planets of all things, a few clothing fixes and.... not much else.
  5. 1.8.1

    Fixes a crash reported on Discord.
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  6. Shipside update!

    Alabaster here once more, coming at you HOT with a brand new update! Your ship schematics have been updated to give you a much softer and more pleasing-to-the-eye back wall which should reduce echoes considerably! Finally, you don't have to hear your footsteps for ten minutes after you stop moving.

    The Colorizer has also been updated, and should no longer turn things invisible! If it doesn't have built-in color options, it just won't do anything to it!

    Hmm.... Oh! This one's fun. Your...
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  7. Nexus Version time

    Until I can upload the .zip to this site, I'm going to be hosting only on Workshop and Nexus. Sadly, there's nothing more I can do.

    This site TELLS me I can upload up to a 10MB file, but when I try to give it a 3.8MB file it tells me it's too large.
  8. Now with diagonal bits!

    Alabaster here, with another update for your Nanolathes! This one allows you to craft those new sloping hull blocks that are all the rage around the universe! But this wouldn't be much of an update if we just let you craft those, no! This update lets you craft not one, not two, but SIX avali-themed versions!

    It also fixes an issue with the aerogel rail platforms where they were so unstable your ship would beam you back up as if there were an emergency!
  9. Fix for the two hats that broke

    What is this, TF2?
  10. Starbound 1.3!

    Alabaster here, once more, with a big one! One point three, whatever that means!
    First off, our relay's fixed! It broke after my last announcement, so we couldn't send out anything, but it's fixed now and better than ever!
    ... What's that? They don't care? PAH! They do care. My fans care, right? ... Right?
    A-anyways, um... moving on.. right....
    There's not really all that much that you'll notice, aside from one of the hats looking a bit better. The higher-ups say this is mostly a...