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Avali (Triage) 1.9

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. QA Failed. Oops.

    *This time fixed the quest file for real. Sorry.
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  2. Skipping numbers

    +Compatibility with new Stable update
    |+Fixed .quest file
    |+Fixed Firelances so you don't crash when hovering over item

    If any further issues are discovered, please report!
  3. Disco disco!

    Credit: Devani:
    *Changed where Avali Laser Miner was crafted (Was Bench, now Lathe)
    *Reverted ship lighting to previous stage (New method was causing ship
    lights to vanish on upgrade)
    +Added Utility Lights, craftable at the Nanolathe for 50 pixels, 5 graphene, and a piece of aerogel. Available in 8 colors
  4. All systems nominal

    *Will no longer crash on startup
  5. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

    +Pleased Giraffe update (Thanks Traediras)
    +Non-avali races can now learn Avali recipes
    +Horizontal doors make sound now (Thanks Thakyz)
    +Several other door fixes (Thanks Thakyz)
    +Micro Dungeons can now spawn (Thanks Thakyz)
    +Ship files updated to hopefully get rid of strange lighting blocks (Thanks Devani)
  6. Better late than never

    Avali (Triage) v1.4 (More semantic!)

    +A new Avali Shotgun with full tiering
    *Tweaked a few hand positions so food wasn't dragging on the ground or floating in midair
    *Gun item cards now show DPS, fire rate, and energy consumption

    This update re-merges the Community addon and the Triage. It won't take too long to throw together a community-only version if/when Ryuu returns, so there's not much need to do it all now (Plus managing the two threads separately was becoming a headache)
  7. Splitting the ato- er, mod!

    Avali update 1.32
    This update changes how the Avali mod and community addons will be handled. From this point forward, the Avali (Triage) version will be a critical update only version, including only the assets provided by RyuujinZero, along with any fixes to these assets.
    The addons created by the community are going to be moved to a separate addon. This has been done to greatly reduce the download size, as well as make it easier on all of us when RyuujinZero...
  8. No more breaking math

    Fixes any 'divide by zero' crashes that may crop up when trying to craft the new guns.
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  9. Thirty One two!

    Link fix
  10. Thirty one!

    Avali update 1.31!
    +A floor-hatch style tech door! (Thanks, Devani!)
    +Full tiering to P-3 for the pilum! (Thanks, Gatosardina!)
    +A new Avali Research station (You'll need a new character to see this, though.)(Thanks, Devani!)
    +Laser mining tool!(Thanks, Gatosardina!)
    *The Firelance now has a better charge-up animation, check it out! (You may have to craft a new one to see it, but unlikely)(Thanks, PETNOS!)
    +Tiering to T6 (Vanilla top tier) for the Avali weapons! (Thanks, PETNOS!)