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Avali (Triage) 1.9

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. Colorful dungeonful

    Avali update 1.3!
    +The dark metals can now be painted! (Thanks, Sparrows!)
    +P-1 Hail, a throwing spear, can now be crafted (Thanks, gatosardina!)
    +Brought back an older, stair style platform! It can be crafted at the same place, for the same price. (Old platforms have been renamed "Avali Ramp Platform". This will not have any effect on already placed platforms.)
    +An Avali-style Grappling hook has been released! It's craftable at the Nanolathe for 20 durasteel, 4 climbing rope, 10 aerogel,...
  2. I don't have a witty title for this one.

    Avali update 1.2.5!
    +The Avali now have their own teleporter, the Avali Nano Teleporter, available at the teleporter shop for the same price as other teleporters! (Thanks, Devani!)
    +The Avali now have their own Ship Storage unit (Not the ship locker, this is a craftable wall storage item, crafted at the Robotic Crafting Table) (Thanks, Sparrow!)
    *Frackin Universe changed where they stored Graphene to match Avali graphene, and thanks to how Starbound works the patch is no longer needed...
  3. This time with the right link

  4. yraniB

    Shield health values have been updated. I haven't been able to test ingame myself because I've been busy with other things, so just tell me how it feels.
  5. Not affiliated with Sesame Street.

    Nothing major, just a few image updates thanks to Devani. Updated many of the ship images, and the ship door image.
  6. This time for reals


    The only thing updated in this version is that the Teleporter has been updated to the new method.
    Sort of silly that Chucklefish made this change, but here is what was causing the crash before:
    This line. This one line: "interactData" : "/interface/warpmenu/shipteleporter.config",

    See anything wrong? No? Why don't I paste that right above the new teleporter method?
    "interactData" : "/interface/warpmenu/shipteleporter.config",
    "interactData" :...