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Avatar: RDA | Valkyrie / Full Compatibility Update 1.2

The huge bombers and heavy mechs of the RDA have come to Starbound.

  1. ironkoldo
    Valkyrie 4.jpg
    Full AMP suit white backgrounds.jpg
    Flight manual V3.jpg

    Last update

    • Full compatibility with ALL mods, including Frackin' Universe (No more arm bug)
    • The huge drivable Valkyrie SSTO, as a vehicle, that you can walk on while flying, loaded with terrible bombs.
    • A Valkyrie variant that will drop Block-Destruction bombs, that will turn planets into smoking asteroids surprisingly fast.
    • Pilot suit, airport decorations, and marshall wands.

    Marshall and valkyrie PNG white background.png

    Teaser trailers

    AMP Panoramica for white background.png
    If you are using Frackin' Universe or XS Mechs : Modular Edition, you can, optionally, use this adapter if you don't want the AMP mech legs to look like Rayman!

    Trooper MÁS LUZ.png
    The mod features

    • The AMP suit (the mech) with its GAU-90 rifle and the six foot length knife, as a modular mech.
    • Two variants of the huge aerospace vehicle, the Valkyrie SSTO, one with incendiary bombs, and the other one with massive Block-Destruction bombs. Both have 1 pilot seat, 5 passenger seats and walkable areas for flight gunners.
    • If driving the Valkyrie, enter "Graphics menu", set the zoom level to x2 to have good visibility and hold Ctrl to move the camera around the ship.
    • An Exopack (the gas mask). It is functional, and it will protect you from dangerous environments.
    • Variety of RDA uniforms, armors and weaponry.
    • The RDA Crafting Console, where you can craft every item included in the mod.
    • Several decorations and containers.

    GAU-90 for white background.png

    How to craft the items

    In the Architect's Table and the Engineer's Table (the two upgrades of the Inventor's Table) you will see the recipe of the RDA Crafting Console. Craft it, and inside it you'll find all the recipes of all the items.
    Optionally you can also buy, instead of crafting, the two Valkyrie bombers from the Outpost hoverbike shop: Penguin Pete.

    Building the Mech

    Craft the required pieces in the RDA Crafting Console. Now find the underground Mech Workshop in the Outpost and complete the starter quest. Now you can place the mech pieces inside the Mech Assembly Station.

    Download mirrors

    Through Steam Workshop:

    Through Nexus Mods:
    Avatar - RDA at Starbound Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

    Other Sci-Fi armies mods

    Zone Trooper Mod (Command & Conquer Exosuit, Jetpack and Weapon)

    RDA Logo MÁS LUZ.png

    1 white background.jpg

    How to install:

    Copy or move the "Avatar_RDA_1.2.pak" inside Starbound's "mods" folder and start the game, that's all.

    How to find Starbound's "mods" folder:

    - If you have Starbound in Steam, open Steam, go to your game library, right-click Starbound, click "Manage", click "Browse local files".
    Now you should be in
    Starbound's folder, and you should see the folder "mods".

    - If you have Starbound in GOG Galaxy, find the GOG directory, enter the folder "Games", enter the folder "Starbound", and you should see the folder "mods".
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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