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Bag Co.™ Bags 2019-02-18

Items for selling various otherwise unsellable items.

  1. Goat Plushie
    Note, so I just checked back a few days later to see if the download buttons works, it's still using the old version. download from version history, sometimes the download button reverts I guess.

    Looks like the regular download button works again. I'mma keep that warning greyed out though in case it messes up again.

    (edit: oof, now the new version isn't showing up in version history. Maybe the forum needs time to catch up. I'm goona upload to steam workshop until this is figured out.)

    This mod allows you to package items like dirt and sell it for a reasonable price. It's kinda rude to just dump dirt of the Terramart counter and ask for pixels. If you put that dirt in a bag, it's much more valuable for both of you.

    This mod lets you do that, by adding 3 new items:

    • Sacks
    • Bag Co.™© Sacks
    • Packing Table
    • Bag Co.™® Packing Table.
    • Jars
    • and more to come in updates that will hopefully be done soon!
    Bag Co. is a company who's goal is to have a monopoly over packaging, buying up unbranded bags, sacks, jars, ect... and branding them. While many economists throughout the galaxy think this is dumb, and questionably legal, it is profitable.

    "I started this company mostly as a joke but okay, let's keep going." - CEO. Cornelius Bagg.

    Sacks can be crafted for 2 woven fabric at the spinning wheel, or the Bag Co.™©® variant can be purchased for 25 pixels at Terramart.



    Sacks can then be filled at the Packing Table, craftable at the inventors table for 1 tungsten table + 1 tungsten bar, or the less expensive Bag Co.™©@® Packing Table, purchasable at Terramart 120 pixels. Sacks can hold 5 of an item that falls in 1 of 2 of the following categories of items I just made up:
    • Granular items
      • Ash pile / ash
      • Dry dirt / drydirt
      • Dry sand / drysand
      • Gravel / gravelmaterial
      • Moondust / moondust
      • Sand / sand2
      • Silt / sand
    • Stonen items
      • Blaststone / blaststone
      • Cobblestone / cobblestonematerial
      • Dire stone / direstone
      • Granite rock / rock14
        • I'd advise having a mod that lets you obtain granite so this one makes sense.
      • Limestone / limestone
      • Moonstone / moonstone
      • Sandstone / sandstonematerial
      • Stone rubble / stonerubble
    ...to create a bag of the chosen substance with a pixel value of 130. (26 pixels when sold for 20%, 25 pixel for the bag, 1/5 pixel for the bag contents)

    (Right now they just use the default burlap sack icon/texture. I may make them have a unique texture in the future. Maybe have them stackable.)

    Craftable at the furnace for 3 glass. Like a bottle but bigger. Does nothing other than cosmetics right now. (I'm trying to get brain in a jar to be craftable but it's not working for some reason. The files are there though if you wanna try to fix it in the mean time.)

    Planned features:
    • Better art. (I just reused the in-game burlap sack texture lol)
    • More stuff to sell using these.
    • Jars of dirt. (and maybe a way to get pirates to drop them.)
    Made possible by DrPvtSkittles's Custom Crafting Station Template.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. PseudoGold
    Version: 2018-08-04
    Finally a use for dirt beyond just slapping it into an FU extractor. Could you expand this for other blocks such as moondust or stone?
    1. Goat Plushie
      Author's Response
      All granular, and many stone-like items have now been added, and this time the download works!