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Bag Co.™ Bags 2019-02-18

Items for selling various otherwise unsellable items.

  1. The BRM update!

    Goat Plushie
    +Updated Packing Table
    • Can now be stood on.
    • Can no longer fill Bag Co. Bags.
    • New Crafting Recipe
    +Bag Co. Packing table
    • Bag Co. Bags can now only be filled with this.
    • Can't fill non-Bag Co. branded bags.
    +Jars are now placable Objects (Still useless tho. (I forgot how to make recipes for vanilla items so no brain jars yet.))
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  2. Complete rewrite

    Goat Plushie
    >Added Packing Table
    (Appearently that's an actual thing )
    >Added Jar
    It's like a bottle, but bigger, and does nothing right now other than make your inventory look pretty. Soon to store dirt, goo, and brains (craftable brain in a jar!)
    >Added sacks, and Bag Co. Sacks.
    They store granular and stonen items.

    Also apparently a lot of the previous updates I didn't upload right, so that's why this was a rewrite.
  3. -10 plastic bags from oil because I'm bad at math.

    Goat Plushie
    Why did I make that 20 lol? Anyway it's 10 now.
  4. ITEMNAME CHANGES and plastic bags.

    Goat Plushie
    1. Made the files more orderly (Textures are in their own folders now.)
    2. Added plastic bags, which are made in batches of 20 from 1 oil at the sewing machine, (10 oil makes a blue crayon, which is 2500, and that means an oil is about 250, and so 20 from one oil lets it be 25. (I know trash bags are a thing, and that they are 50, but these ones are thinner.)) , can be bought at the Terramart (Soon to be moved to the Infinity Express), and can currently hold ice by crafting them at...
  5. Pallet and moondust update

    Goat Plushie
    >added pallets, those wood things forklifts use to lift stuff you see at department stores. You can currently tie either logs or cobble to the pallet using a rope.
    >Added bags of moondust.
  6. -20 pixels on full bags.

    Goat Plushie
    it occurred to me that an entire pixel per dirt meant 1000 pixels per stack of dirt/sand, which is too OP. it's only 200 per stack now.