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Basic Sprinkler Improved 2.1.0

Makes the basic Sprinkler more useful by changing its spray shape but not area.

  1. Generic Mod Config Menu Support

    Configuration can now be changed in-game with Generic Mod Config Menu, although it is not required. If this resource update does not change the download file, find it here.
  2. Version 2.0.0 (8/13/20)

    -Version to 2.0 (for new SMAPI).
    -Including default config file.
    -Update keys added to manifest.
    -Locations logic updated to include indoor and outdoor locations in search.
    -Distinguishes between outdoor and indoor areas to handle rain appropriately.
  3. Update for SMAPI 1.14.1

    Removed deprecated function, replaced with new function.
  4. Bug fix: sprinkler interference.

    Version 1.0.1 fixes an issue where modified basic sprinklers were un-watering other basic sprinklers' watering areas. Note that there may still be an issue with a basic sprinkler un-watering parts of the pattern of another kind of sprinkler. I plan on fixing this eventually, but for now, as a workaround, don't put basic sprinklers within or adjacent to the watering area of an improved or iridium sprinkler.
  5. New update with fixed features: 1.0.0

    • Now handles rainfall correctly, whether scheduled or forced by totem.
    • Mod will now more robustly support changes in configuration.
    • Fixed an issue with "mirroring" the north and south directions.