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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    • New items (tools, weapons, throwables, objects, blocks, buffing, food, blueprints)!
    • Some more 2-handed weapons have alt abilities now
    • New sprites for various items, thanks to Nuggubs, Zygan, and Rho! (Some food and objects)
    • Improvements to Shield tech
    • Balancing adjustments
    • Status Pods now have more options: run/jump/glow/rage/protection gas, shrapnel
    • Esther now has some alternate dialogue if spoken to while the quest 'Opening the Ark' is active and the...
  2. Bug fixes

    -=- Changes -=-
    - Weapons
    • Procedurally-generated flamethrowers are now affected by element modifier items. New elemental SFX and subtitles, too! ie an ice flamethrower will show as 'icethrower' rather than 'flamethrower'
    • Electric flamethrower projectile now gives an eletrified debuff to enemies

    - Equipment
    • Master Manipulator no longer sends small amounts of liquid to the Shadow Realm if it cannot give the player that amount of liquid. Instead,
    • When collecting...
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  3. hotfix

    hotfix for the big update yesterday
  4. Weapon mods, lore, quests, and more!

    • New mechanic: ability/element mods! Use them to change the ability/element on your procedurally generated weapons!
    • New weapon: Jelly Whip! Dropped by the jelly boss
    • 51 new lore codexes to find!!! Each one has a custom icon, description, and has been adjusted to fit seamlessly with vanilla lore
    • Whips changed; middle does damage
    • New facelifted weapon/skyrail sprites by _InferusRF! See main changelog for the full list of upgraded sprites.
    • New suit...
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  5. Update!

    • New special ability for flamethrowers!
    • New craftable DPS Dummy!
    • New throwable items!
    • New item for preserving food!
    • Brooms can sweep grass/sand/snow off blocks!
    • Certain forest trees now drop apples and oranges!
    • Various new weapon recipes!
    • Changes to wall-mounted tech stations
    • Added a codex explaining how ammo works
    • Various QOL changes/additions

    -=- New -=-
    - Weapons
    • Betabound Flamethrowers have a new alt ability: wide spray!
    • New throwable item:...
  6. lantern fix

    fix for when another mining lantern replacement mod is installed
  7. combinable augment fix

    fix for energy regen augments
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  8. Crafted weapon adjustments!!!

    NOTICE: Betabound will no longer be distributed via Google Drive for users of Chucklefish forums. Instead, it will be distributed via Github.

    • T7+ Betabound weapons adjusted; they now branch off at T6, similar to armors. Weapons can specalize in speed, energy usage, or attack damage.
    • NOTICE: You may need to craft new weapons to get the adjusted stats.
    • Unique broadswords now have more abilities than just parry!
    • Explorer's Lantern (vanilla item) is no longer uselessly dim!...
  9. Please read, may be important

    • Despite Betabound's primary focus on restoring removed content, certain elements are being excluded from the mod to ensure a balanced and stable gaming experience.
    "What's being removed?" Betabound no longer offers craftable armor from T1 to T10.
    "Will my game crash/character be erased?" Any removed items in your inventory or worlds will be automatically converted to equivalent items of aproximate equal tiering. Armors of tiers 7-10 will come with some of the resources used to...
  10. Update!

    1. Broadswords now have combos! Thanks to Tea-Loving Lad for giving every Betabound broadsword a visual glow-up!
    2. Various unobtainable items in vanilla are now obtainable. Some unused item recipes are now enabled.
    3. Many visual improvements for objects, object icons, and ores. Thanks to SOULs for the new food sprites!
    4. Erchius crystal blocks now spawn underground on moons!
    5. New tenant: miner! They give ores as rent.
    6. Pumps! Craft them at a wiring station. They move liquids...