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Better Crew and NPC Behavior 1.4.1

This mod improves NPC behaviors, focusing on improved shipboard behavior of the crew.

  1. Improved mod compatibility

    Thanks to a contribution from Malhera, this release improves compatibility with other mods that also add a script to previously-unscripted objects.
  2. Added new crew anchor objects

    • Added patches for 26 additional base game objects.
    • Fixed a bug in which crew members could teleport to a player when the player's location was in 0-gravity. This would cause movement issues for the NPCs.
    • Reorganized the behavior nodes added by this mod.
  3. Major improvements to crew and general NPC behavior

    • Additional improvements to nocturnal NPC behavior.
    • Fixed an issue in which crew members lost their default load-out after swapping to their sheathed load-out.
    • Fixed an issue in which armed NPCs were disarmed when sleeping in beds and woken by combat.
    • When a player tells a crew member off-ship to hold position, this overwrites the crew member's spawn position with the player's current position, so the crew member actually stays at the location.
    • Added functionality to...