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bk3k's Inventory Reskin 1.02

Alternate UI for users of my inventory mod

  1. Definitely update if using alternative size patches.

    Added a simple means of detecting this inventory UI, such that another UI mod can easily detect it.
    You can test for the path "/bk3k_reskin1_layout" (playerinventory.config) and if it exists, this mod is present.
    Note that the 40, 60, and 180 slot patches now test for this path.

    The path "/color_theme" was also added, and the value set to "black" although currently no other options exist. Not sure if that will ever be useful, but it exists.
  2. Necessary Update

    The main mod now has a vehicle tab, so it is necessary to update this too. It also now contains the images needed in case you use one of the slot count altering patches.