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Bk3k's Inventory 1.26

More space, more tabs, better organization, happy hoarding.

  1. bk3k

    bk3k gui stuff1.png
    This mod, also my side action bar mod. Partially in view is the revived Vepr ship.
    The red border overlay is the vanilla dimensions for easy comparison. Not much taller than vanilla (and same as 60 slot mods, less tall than the 80 slot mods) but wider.

    Not only does this mod go further than any other(as far as I'm aware) where far as raw space is concerned per tab, but I add several tabs too, and most importantly better organization.

    Decorations and Lighting
    Vehicle and Modular Mech

    Does not accept materials(blocks), liquids, objects
    Does not accept categories that belong to other tabs
    You can expect to find mostly what you're already expecting here, except for many things that have been assigned elsewhere.

    Items (from other mods) that I haven't added a category for (yet) in another tab would default to this one.

    You might assume otherwise, but thrown weapons are actually still in the Main tab and here's why.

    Pretty obvious, what you expect from vanilla. No great reason to split this. Neither is there an obvious fashion by which I would do so.

    Generally this contains objects that can be "used" such as beds, crafting tables, switches, doors, etc.

    Objects defined as lights however are not included. Oddly this does include things like ship teleporters(and not other teleporters). Remember I don't set the actual categories(except on my own content obviously).

    Objects (from other mods) that I haven't added a category for (yet) in another tab would default to this one.

    Pretty obvious I suppose. Stuff that's mostly there for you to look at.

    I think you know what to expect from vanilla already. Even if I did replace the bag icon for it.

    Mostly what you expect, but notably seeds have been removed. That's something I've always found VERY annoying. Sorting through food to find seeds to plant. Sorting through seeds to find food to eat. No more.

    Cooking ingredients are still in it. It just wasn't justified to make another whole tab for ingredients especially when many ingredients are themselves edible food.

    Seeds. Tree Saplings(probably better here that anywhere else). Farm beast feed. Pet food(FU) so that you don't go eating it instead of actual food.

    Codex, instruments, fossils, fishing stuff, trophies, trading cards, Also voxels and Blueprints to get them out of the way(out of the main tab).

    I like this tab because not only does it get that stuff out of the way, but it won't feel like "inventory clutter" anymore. Carry instruments with you to play, and not feel that you'd need the space for anything else. Likewise bring a codex to read. Collect them.

    This clearly has added value if you have an extended ship travel mod, etc.

    Mech parts and vehicle controllers. Pretty obvious.

    That's 10 tabs (5 for vanilla) that hold 120 items each (40 for vanilla)!
    Still I think you'll appreciate the organization even more than the abundant space. This is as much a "quality of life" mod as it is for hoarders. Once you've used it for a while, you'll understand. For example farmers don't need to sift through edible food to find their seeds. Neither will anyone need to sift through seeds to find edible food. Your musical instruments will always be easy to locate(and you have no reason to leave them behind). Etc.

    This is mostly vanilla styled. Obviously both taller and wider, with some stuff moved around. Also added a tiny bit of space in between items so they feel less crowded. I wanted to do more, but sadly you cannot script this... hard coded :(

    This isn't currently perfect and could use your help
    . That organization has a price. I have the tabs with "category" whitelists. Different categories of item or object added by different mods might not be included (yet). Several mods are already covered including FU and some others.

    If you find something that doesn't go into the appropriate tab(such as weapons in the main tab), please report it in the discussions tab(not reviews). Tell me what mod it came from. Providing a mod link is extra-helpful. If you happen to know(perhaps because it is your mod) the missing "category"(s) I need, that's even better.

    And again, you'll need new characters to use this. I "may" and I say "may" eventually manage to put together a tool that can migrate older characters. No promise on that!

    A reskin is available for this mod here.

    • "bk3k's Inventory Reskin" - yes and highly recommended
    • "Tatsu's Inventory Interface Redone" - no
    • "bk3k's Inventory - 180 Slot Patch" - yes
    • "bk3k's Inventory - 60 Slot Patch" - yes
    • "bk3k's Inventory - Vanilla Character Patch" - yes (only 40 slots)
    • Any other inventory mods - no
    • "Frackin Universe" - yes and FYI their official server uses this mod
    • Any other sort of mod that doesn't outright replace (instead of patch) player.config - yes

    Please ask questions or report problems in the discussion tab. That goes for any mod actually. I'll be glad to help you there. Suggestions would also be better placed there.
    The reviews are for rating the mod itself so that other Starbound players might know if the mod is worth their time or not.
    The reviews/ratings don't actually affect me, but please be considerate of your fellow Starbound players by only posting reviews that serve this purpose. Thank you.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SupImLazy
    Version: 1.26
    I tried to convert the inventory as the tutorial instructed
    but then it gave me a message saying:
    Error! Caught exception (IOException) Wrong magic bytes at start of versioned json file, expected "SBVJ01"
    is there a way to fix this, revert back to 40 inventory space, or set it to 120?
  2. Mortalo
    Version: 1.26
    it breaks characters that cant use it. Exception caught in client main loop(jsoonException) no such key in json::get("ArmoryBag")
  3. mejedi023
    Version: 1.26
    Needs to be updated for 1.4.4
    1. bk3k
      Author's Response
      Incorrect. This mod has been updated more recently than the game itself. It isn't likely to require one even if the game itself gets updated though.

      If you are having issues, use the discussion tab, not reviews. Thanks.
  4. Kacara
    Version: 1.26
  5. KM_Bunny
    Version: 1.25
    Made my gameplay a lot easier and less sad of parting from my hoard(even if I stick it in the crate back at home base) Couldn't live without it if I make a new game now
  6. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.25
    oh new update tks :D
  7. Ashtar084
    Version: 1.20
    I always use this wonderful mod for my adventures with FU great thanks for having created this mod
    : D

    sorry translator
  8. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
    Version: 1.16
    I love it! As I add mods, I'll actively try to keep up with what items are showing up in the Main tab.
  9. JustJinxed
    Version: 1.16
    LOVE IT! I couldn't live without it! Especially when it comes to any mods that add MORE items. Freakin' awesome that you were able to do this!
  10. Fezz06
    Version: 1.16
    Amazing. Must Have