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Bk3k's Inventory 1.26

More space, more tabs, better organization, happy hoarding.

  1. updates for FU and Shellguard, fixed issue with Sheila's Workshop

    A requested adjustment for FU's bees.
    A category adjustment for Shellguard (which I had forgotten til now).
    Added a few categories for Sheila's Workshop, as well as fixing an issue with some items from it ("quest" category but tagged as a reagent too).
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  2. Everything [FFS] and several requests

    Feast of Fire and Smoke [FFS] updated, so I updated my support. I went ahead and covered the entire line of FFS mods, although not all added new categories.
    I already had [FFS]H_R_Stevens covered
    By request I added
    Found a couple missing categories from Supper's Combat Overhaul too.
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  3. Quick hotfix

    hotfix for FU's striker weapons.
    Sorry for spamming updates.
  4. added 1, updated, and patched a few things.

    There where more Stolte weapons and added H&R and Stevens (FFS).
    Updated coverage for Manufacturer's Touch (they updated).

    Also patched a few items that are in vanilla assets but aren't used in vanilla. In the event they are used by a mod, they will properly be counted as ingredients and thus won't sit in the main bag.
  5. Another update - Courtesy of rylasasin.

    Courtesy of rylasasin. Weapon support for
    Extended Story
  6. some updated, some new support

    Some coverage updated, some new. FU, Elithan, Manufacturer's Touch, Dragonis, Shellguard, Stolte.
    Thanks to Jebi Bones for finding categories on the last one.
    I looked at a few others but it didn't seem I needed to add anything from them.

    Also default max stack is now 9999, but it only takes effect if the value is 1000 (aka vanilla) before patching. So if you have something like a 100,000 stack mod, it should use the 100,000 stack instead - since I used conditional patching. Somehow I...
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  7. Please read

    This version adds a tab for vehicles and modular mechs parts. IIRC it wasn't formerly possible to add new tabs to existing characters, but now it is possible - so I guess at a point the engine changed since I last tested this.

    However note I don't have a GoG version to test this against
    so if you are running Starbound from GoG, then backup your \starbound\storage\player\ folder before installing. It is probably fine, but just to be sure. And I'd like if someone using GoG could...
  8. More categories

    Another update
  9. FU category update, probabably more

    More weapon categories mostly. Possibly added more mod support but can't remember for sure.
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  10. Covering a couple more mods

    More categories from a couple mods.