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bk3k's More Powerful Techs 2.04

improved upon some techs to make them fun and useful

  1. Updated Tech Helper changes, unlock item requirements for some techs

    • Updated to the latest changes to match bk3k's Tech Helper mod. Detailed notes on that mod page, but changes in the UI may be obvious enough.
    • Changed the required unlock items for the "boosted" multijump techs. You'd still have them if already unlocked though.
    • The items needed for those techs are new items and can be crafted on the wirestation.
  2. More Techs, Tech Console improvements

    The "hover" mode was replaced with a more satisfying "vBrake" mode on my Multijump techs.
    You can hold S on them in mid air when activating Multijump to do a stronger jump(for more energy).
    I added "boosted" versions of them too. Multiple tiers to help deal with (non-vanilla) higher gravity worlds. Every jump takes more energy when you're boosted.
    Over-bounce techs added.

    UI slightly expanded to give more room for detailed descriptions/instructions.
    Your techs (from any mod) will be...
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  3. more stuff, easier, Steam workshop

    There are more steps in between Sustained Dash and Sustained FTL
    Sustained Double Dash
    Sustained Insanity Dash

    I removed the random shake from Unlimited multijump's hover mode because it began to annoy me.

    The techs take less energy than before, and I may re-balance them later(such as hover mode's energy consumption being affected by local gravity and current vertical velocity).

    Certainly I'm overdue on re-coding these things, but whatever they work for now. Just don't judge me based off...
  4. updated for 1.0 and new approach

    Techs for 1.0 Starbound are considerably different now, so I had to make some changes.

    Partially rewrote LUA scripts. As the way these techs work has fundamentally changed, I probably should have done a total rewrite... but I didn't.

    Tinkered around with them a bit where energy usage is concerned.

    I no long am over-writing any vanilla techs.
    Rather than being reworked vanilla, they are independent. So at least that means I should not cause incompatibilities with mods that do...