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Blood Mod 1.41

More blood during combat

  1. v0.06b The Enraged Koala

    -Minor compatibility update for "Enraged Koala"

    Sorry for late update.
  2. v0.06a Furious Koala

    -Compatibility update for "Furious Koala"
    -Fixed shock damage using incorrect death spurt
  3. v0.06

    -Minor edits to overall blood animation, amount and duration
    -Blood spray size when killed will now differ depending on weapon type and have the same amount as normal attacks
  4. v0.05 update

    -Adjustments to Gore bits
    -Removed fall damage death changes (doesn't work)
    -Improved blood embers
    -Fixed square look of downward blood spurt
  5. 0.04

    -Darken blood color
    -Added blood spurts on elemental death
    -Added gore bits
  6. 0.03a (Angry Koala Update)

    Now works for "Angry Koala" Starbound update
  7. 0.03

    -Blood spurt edits for 1-handed blade, bite and ranged
    -Blood size reduced for 2-handed weapons
    -Added blood spurt for hammers
  8. v0.02

    -Added ranged, dagger, 2-handed and 1-handed weapon blood spurt size differences
    -Edits to 2-handed and bow blood animations. Vertical blood spurts