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Book of Spirits - NPC & Monster Name Displayer BookOfSpirits_v2

Display the names of the npcs and monsters you interact/attack(Like in Castlevania games)

  1. Generated Monster Update

    • Generated Monster now have names and custom title which is based on their type and parts patterns. The current list only uses the head for the name since i think that is enough, but more part patterns can be added to affect the name.
    • Rare variants of monsters now have custom title to identify them easier.
    • Added custom title for elite monsters.
    • Added a Steam Guide to make it easier to understand how to patch/support the mod for modders.
  2. v.161

    Small fix for a new mod.
  3. v1.6

    Fixed a critical bug within the detection of bookofspirits_core.lua that was preventing the display of different entities of the same type.

    This also includes the fixed from v1.5
  4. v1.4

    • Fixed the names for the monsters from the Ruin zone.
    • Fixed the name for Asra Nox and Big Ape Hologram.
    • Added the name for the critter monsters.
  5. 1.3

    • Added the folder and script "/scripts/bookofspirits/bookofspirits_interact_support.lua". Credits to Silver Sokolova.
    • This folder can be copied into the main mod so modders now can give full support for this mod regardless if is installed or not and without having to patch their mod separately.
  6. V1.2

    • Removed some test patchs which were redundant.
    • Updated mod description.