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Bookmarquest 1.7.1

travel bookmark

  1. Compatibility with FU's Memento Mori

    FU updated their Memento Mori, so this works with it properly now.
  2. Now requires you to buy an item at the infinity express to get the quest

    Now requires you to buy an item at the infinity express to get the note quest; along with not needing an update for every new / missing species, this should fix the freeze you get when interacting with any quest-giver npc.

    I forgot to change the version string but who cares wahoo

    Also, renamed from bookmarkuest to bookmarquest, as suggested
  3. Track-your-deathpoint & available for 4 more species

    Now ties in with the Memento Mori (but it isn't required): when you have it in your inventory, a trackable quest to your death's position will appear. Once you get there, the quest will disappear automatically, and your Memento Mori will stop it's gloomy glow.

    Now also available for Argonians, Slimes, Dragon people & Callistans
  4. Added other species support

    I messed up, and only humans had access to the quest. Now it'll work for all the vanilla species, along with a bunch of custom ones. Feel free to request support if you don't see the quest on your custom specie.
  5. Distance now shows in the quest journal

    Distance now shows in the quest journal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯