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Borderlands 2 Random and Unique Shields 5.0

Adds procedurally generated shield augmens based on BL2

  1. FelmastProMcLane
    Almost a replica of Borderlands 2 shield mechanics!
    This mod adds augments that behave and procedurally generate like shields from Borderlands 2.

    So let me tell you a little bit about it:

    • All 9 shield manufacturers with custom materials, parts and prefixes (Jakobs included for rough rider).
    • Procedurally generated shields and effects, these generate almost the same as BL2s shields.
    • Over 60,000 possible combinations for randomly generated shields.
    • All 9 rarities from Borderlands 2 with matching colors.
    • 29 Unique shields with fully working behaviors.
    • +800 Possible combinations for each unique shield (respect Borderlands 2 part restrictions).
    • Overhead bar (hideable), shield specific animations and sounds! (including 1340 voice).
    • Shields scale up to tier 10, (Adapts to mods like Difficulty+).
    • Support for FU and RPGgrowth's elements for shields that grant elemental resistance.
    • Support for Manufacturer's Touch Explosive element.
    • Quickbar support for checking your currently equipped shield stats.

    How to obtain:

    How you ask?, just like always!, farming chests and bosses!
    Of course, remember that harder levels grant better and more shields, and if you are lucky, a whole lot of them.
    Also I tried to match Starbound bosses with BL2 bosses, and similar enemies share similiar loot, so go and get that 94% Sham from BNK3R... I mean Dreadwing.

    Configurable options:




    Materials and manufacturers:


    Overhead bar and animations:


    How they work:

    • While the shield is active, it absorbs the damage dealt to you, until depleted, after that it takes some time for it to begin charging, being hit while the shield is charging interrupts it.
    • To equip a shield, right-click with it on an armor piece that can support augments. (EPP)
    • Only equip One (1) shield at a time (They get jealous.).
    • Shields are strong against:
      • Fire
      • Poison
      • Ice
      • Explosive (Manufacurer's Touch)
    • But are weak against:
      • Electric
      • Radiation (FU)
      • Cosmic (FU)
      • Nova (RPGgrowth)

    1. Stats

    Shields have 4 main stats "Capacity", "Recharge rate", "Recharge delay" and "Special":
    • Capacity: How much damage the shield can take before depleting, shield takes damage before you do.
    • Recharge delay: Seconds before shield starts to recharge after taking damage or depletion.
    • Recharge rate: Capacity gained per second while shield is recharging.
    • Special: Changes values of special shield effects.

    2. Rarity

    Shield stats differ slightly between the 4 main rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic), higher ones have better stats, these apply for random shields.
    The other 6 rarities (Legendary, Unique, Terra, Seraph, Pearlescent, Effervescent) are used for unique shields.
    Rarity can be seen as a color on the item card and at the bottom left of it.

    3. Parts

    Shields are made up of 4 parts, each part type can be of any of the 9 manufacturers:
    • Accessory : This part also determines the manufacturer, the middle of the shield.
    • Battery: Located at the bottom.
    • Body: Located at the left.
    • Capacitor : Some manufacturers grant damage resistances, found at the top.

    4. Manufacturers, Types and you!

    You will probably grow attached to one type more than another, so pay some attention when picking your shield, the type is tied to it's Manufacturer.
    Each manufacturer has different modifiers for each stat and some kind of special effect for the shield, known as the "type", it also specifies the possibility of some element.
    Each type functions differently:




    [​IMG] Adaptive Increases max health and protects against the las elemental damage received. You will know it's active when a colored border appears.
    [​IMG] Roid While depleted, grants extra damage with melee weapons. Go out swinging!
    [​IMG] Booster Chance when hit to drop a booster shield, picking it refills a portion of the shield. Go ahead, shoot me! It'll make me stronger!
    [​IMG] Amplify When full, ranged attacks deal bonus damage, shooting consume some shield. The definition of "One shot, one kill".
    [​IMG] Nova When depleted, releases an elemental nova, must fully recharge before doing it again. Martyrdom!.
    [​IMG] Spike Deals elemental spike damage to melee attackers. Parry! -zanny
    [​IMG] Turtle Increased capacity, decreased max health. is this better than a blue shell?
    [​IMG] Shield Basic shield. What more do you want anyway?
    [​IMG] Nova Releases an explosive nova when depleted, must fully recharge. EXPLOTIONSSSS? -Mr.Torgue
    [​IMG] Spike Deals explosive damage to melee attackers. GET AWAY! -Everyone I've met
    [​IMG] Absorb Chance to absorb enemy projectiles and convert them to enery. The angrier I get, the stronger i become. The incredible Bulk
    [​IMG] Rough Rider No capacity, but increased health and damage resistance to all types. Hardcore.

    5. Uniques!, You want them all already!

    There are 29 unique shields to collect!, kind of, because each one has like 800 combinations and some combinations may be good, others may not be so good. These shields are variants of normal shields with twists, revamps or completely new effects!.
    But where to begin?

    • I could tell you about The Bee (my favorite), which amp your guns without draining shield:

    • Or perhaps better about the Antagonist, because what's a better defense than using your enemies' strength against them?

    • I know, how about being a tank?, with your buddies!, the Hoplite increases capacity the more Hoplite users nearby:

    • And how could I forget the mythical one, The Sham, with a max chance to absorb enemy projectiles of 94%, you CAN do it all day:


    • Remove any items from this mod from your inventory and every inserted augment from this mod from your armor.
    • Unsubscribe.
    Mods Notes:
    Having Boss Loot Bags make it so that boss shields are only tier 1.
    Other shield mods are compatible as long as you don't wear more than one.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Brasen
    Version: 5.0
    Pretty good mod, my one gripe however is the shield bar placement. when it's over the character it blocks my ammo count, so I would prefer if I could move it to under the health energy and hunger bars, other than that it's fine.
  2. Sofian
    Version: 1.5
    5/5 Stars Love BL2 and my favorite shield combo is double penetrating unkept harold and the Bee shield
  3. SOP31
    Version: 1.5
    using this mod with crew customizer plus really made the game different , i just wish if it applied to enemies as well, as to other NPC's equip and use shields too, works flawlessly just one more thing is that when you add the shield to epp slot it becomes completely null once you extract it with aug extractors, at that point the extracted shield is considered as a rare item and is priced almost 5 or 10 time the original price, for example a shield that had 1000 pixels worth, will be 150000 , i may not be right but i can say for sure it will worth more which can really break the game and experience .

    very worthy mod, recommend using with Fracking Universe as well as FFS (especially FFS)
  4. bob23008
    Version: 1.5
  5. megagameryagiz
    Version: 1.5
    probably one of the best mods
  6. shadowsteel
    Version: 1.3
    This fits so well in Starbound and i just love the sound once the shield is fully loaded
  7. Lengey
    Version: 1.3
    People...DOWNLOAD THIS!
    It´s a must have now, change the gameplay a lot and improve it like a hell. The shield mechanic is amazing!

    I can do new builds inspired on the shields and the effects are outstanding! Holding a different one for each situation and they scale good with the content.

    Well done and creative mod. As a Borderlands franchize lover, and old gamer I love a mod made with love. Thank you!
  8. galaxiis53
    Version: 1.3
    *happy noises*
  9. megagameryagiz
    Version: 1.0
    its incredible
    but dont forget this is starbound , why dont you create custom manufacturers ?
    1. FelmastProMcLane
      Author's Response
      I tought a little about it, using the manufacturers from "Manufacturer's Touch", but i really liked how the logos ended up :), If someone wants to make image replacers, please do!