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Borderlands Unique and Legendary Items 0.1.1

Guns, glorious guns!

  1. Axxroytovu
    Haven't found enough ways to maim, impale, explode, or otherwise murder your enemies? Well thanks to Marcus' ever eager love of profit, legendary weapons inspired by the Borderlands series have made their way into Starbound!

    Current Features:

    36 Legendary guns and 12 legendary grenades inspired by Borderlands 2, each with unique effects and color schemes
    Uses Not Mr Flibble's "Custom Collection UI" mod to keep track of the items you've found. The page for that mod can be found [here], and a copy of the mod is included in the ZIP file.
    All items can be found in chests according to their power level and rarity.
    All items have additional locations where they will spawn more frequently.

    Planned Features:

    Legendary Shields
    Legendary items from Borderlands 1 and the Pre-Sequel
    Legendary Loot Midgets
    Unique bosses and encounters??
    A grinder?

    Example Weapon GIFs:

    The Bunny:

    The Conference Call:

    The Mongol

    The Gunerang

    The Thunderball Fists

    General Commentary:

    In making this mod I tried to stay as close to the original guns as I could while maintaining the "feel" of Starbound. True to Borderlands, some weapons (looking at you "Gub") are mostly just stronger versions of vanilla weapons. Other weapons (the "Deliverance" is my favorite) are very different from anything currently in vanilla. All weapons are procedurally generated, so while you may get a gun more than once, each one you find will definitely be unique.


    0.0.1 - Initial Release
    0.0.2 - Bug Fixes:
    Fixed Thunderball Fist Projectile
    Increased Bunny alt ability fire time
    Increased Ogre alt ability energy cost
    Deliverance spawned gun despawns after 6 seconds without a target
    Fixed The Longbow not spawning properly
    0.1.1 - Grenades!!
    Added Grenades!
    All legendary items now have locations where they will spawn more frequently.

    Spawnlist and locations for people who want to cheat:

    Assault rifles:
    bl2hammerbuster - Avian Airship
    bl2kerblaster - Mushroom Biome
    bl2madhous - Spring Biome
    bl2ogre - Apex Test Facility
    bl2shredifier - Jungle Biome
    bl2veruc - Shadow Biome

    bl2gub - Natural Cave
    bl2gunerang - Avian Tomb
    bl2harold - Dreadwing
    bl2hornet - Alien Biome
    bl2infinity - Ocean Surface Biome
    bl2logansgun - Alpine Biome
    bl2maggie - Toxic Biome
    bl2thunderball - Glitch Evil Fortress

    Rocket Launchers:
    bl2badaboom - Colorful Biome
    bl2bunny - Hyotl Ruined Castle
    bl2mongol - Floran Hunting Grounds
    bl2norfleet - Hyotl Ruined City
    bl2nukem - Swamp Biome
    bl2pyrophobia - Tar Biome

    bl2conferencecall - Oasis Biome
    bl2deliverance - Shock Hopper
    bl2flakker - Human Camp
    bl2sledgesg - Human Prison
    bl2striker - Glitch Sewer

    Submachine Guns:
    bl2babymaker - Glitch Dungeon Crawler
    bl2bitch - Apex Camp
    bl2emperor - Snow Biome
    bl2hellfire - Avian Temple
    bl2slagga - Scorched City Biome

    Sniper Rifle:
    bl2invader - Floran Canyon
    bl2lyuda - Ocean Floor Biome
    bl2pitchfork - Apex Base
    bl2skullmasher - Glitch Castle
    bl2volcano - Volcanic Biome

    Grenade Mods:
    bl2bonuspackage - Bioluminescent Biome
    bl2bouncingbonnyexplosive- v Novakid Village v
    bl2bouncingbonnypoison - ^ ^
    bl2chainlightning - Hyotl Ocean City
    bl2fastballelectric - v Avian Village v
    bl2fastballpoison - ^ ^
    bl2firebee - Giant Flower Biome
    bl2firestorm - Hyotl Standard City
    bl2leechelectric - v Floran Hut Village v
    bl2leechpoison - ^ ^
    bl2nastysurpriseelectric - v Eyeball Biome v
    bl2nastysurprisepoison -^ ^
    bl2pandemic - Avian Native Village
    bl2quasar - Apex City
    bl2rollingthunder - Glitch Village
    bl2stormfront - Floran Tower Village
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Grenades!

Recent Reviews

  1. Gomezio
    Version: 0.1.1
    i love the idea to implement borderlands weapons in the game but for now the mod is broken. i wish you can fix it, good work!
  2. Battle Bee
    Battle Bee
    Version: 0.0.1
    I've never downloaded a mod so fast.
    The only improvement I can see is giving all weapons their unique sprites.
  3. The Flying Democrab
    The Flying Democrab
    Version: 0.0.1
    This mod combines my 2 favourite games of all time in one small 97,3 .zip file... and each weapon's uniqueness and legend is unique and legendary. Can't wait for the updates!