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Boss Improvements Version 1.1.1

Spices up the bosses of Starbound with several little tweaks.

  1. Erchius Horror fixes (part 1)

    An increase to the Erchius Horror's sight by 50%. Now players should not be able to sneak past and get an easy first shot.
  2. Shockhopper Tweaks

    Made a handful of changes to the Shockhopper MK I
    Added elemental weakness and resistance.

    Overload Attack has been overhauled. Tweaked the range and rise hight of the attack so that the bottom left and right corners are completely safe if you are crouching or in a distortion sphere. To compensate for this tweak I have made it so that the attack is executed faster, it does more damage, and the time the attack is preformed is 1/3 as long (so that you can not sit in that corner with a gun and...