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Bound to Daft Punk v1.1.2

Let's explore the universe harder, better, faster and stronger.

  1. Encore outfits and Alt. Ability for Aerodynamic

    - Encore outfits for both
    - Custom alternative abilitiy for the Aerodynamic guitar. It now fires electric shockwaves as you play the sick guitar solo from the song.
  2. Tron outfits and aerodynamic


    - Tron outfits
    - 1 extra helmet for Guy-Manuel
    - Aerodynamic, an animated digital guitar that fires a song beam


    1. dp3.png
    2. dp4.png
    3. dp5.png
  3. Now working on 1.0

    Hello everybody. Just updated this mod to work with Starbound 1.0. I am working on making all my mods work with 1.0 before I start adding new stuff to them.
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