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Braixen Race Fired Up + Delphox 2.3

The Pokemon Braixen And Delphox As Races

  1. Fixed Delphox Crash

    -fixed crash when upgrading delphox ships
  2. Clothes and Furniture

    -Added Ramos Set

    -Added Battle Chatelaine Set

    -Officially Added Crafting Recipies for Pokeball Display and Evolution Stone Display

    -Minor Sprite Fixes
  3. Penny

    -Added the Penny Set (Special Thanks to @Mysticwaffle032 for Allowing me to use his Oc)

    -Fixed a Few Sprites

    -Added Name "Penny" to Female Name Pool

  4. + Delphox

    -Added Delphox

    -Added FU Compatibility

    -Added Colors

    -Added Several Clothing Items

    -Added Food Items
  5. fixed

    fixed a problem with clothing