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Bunnykin Race 3.1.2

Adds the Bunnykin race to Starbound

  1. Fixes

    Actually fixed pink tier 1
    Added smaller posters


    1. posterssmallshow.png
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  2. failed upload

    ba bow
  3. KAPOW

    Fixed pink tier 1 being too vibrant
    Bunnykin fighting gloves tier 6, crafted at tier 3 anvil.

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  4. Scrubbed out mech issues

    Tinkering never punished me so hard.
  5. Fixes mech body problems

    I forgot I was messing about with mech things, and released it accidentally.
  6. Banners n posters n portrait

    2 banners crafted at spinning wheel
    1 new flag design. Will be the new default, however any current flags made will not be affected, and blueprints will not be forgotten.
    Mystery damaged portrait available at merchant (maybe you can fix it at the inventors table for a hefty sum).
    Posters x 2 available at merchant (Aussies should know what these are :p)
  7. Fixed painted nose not showing up at merchant

    Forgot the word 'head' at the end.
  8. GRANNY MAY SPEAKS - she aint dead...yet

    Added nude head to specie craft list
    2 sunglasses available at merchant
    Granny May lost her spare glasses, are they at the merchant?
    Colourful nose! Available at merchant
    Gave Granny May her story to tell
    A statue of a very cool Comrade
    A door! Merchant!
  9. 1.3 Compatible Thanks to Chofranc!

    Changed this line:
    "interactAction" : "openCockpitInterface"
    "interactAction" : "ScriptPane",
    "interactData" : "/interface/cockpit/cockpit.config",

    Added the deploy pod cinematic files
  10. Small changes

    Altered gender icons
    Being naked no longer takes cotton
    Mysterious merchant now sells the carrot flute