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Bunnykin Race 3.1.2

Adds the Bunnykin race to Starbound

  1. Custom Shiplocker Treasure

    Custom shiplocker treasure:
    Starter sword
    Hatless, Shirtless and Pantless 'clothing'

    Starter sword recipe available at Anvil1
  2. Bug fixes

    Fixed problem with crafting human tier3 and above helmets
  3. Removed unknown codex that caused conflicts

    Removed unknown codex that caused conflicts
  4. Bug fixes

    Fixed some errors due to misnamed items
  5. More content


    3 more ears
    5 custom outfits
    1 nude outfit
    Custom ship elements
    New lore
    Now spawns rabbit pet
    Outfit recipes
    Shiphatch, shipdoor, storagelocker recipes
  6. Respawn fix + new ears

    Added :
    3 new ears
    Updated and fixed respawn animation
  7. Bunnykin Stable Release!

    Thank you to ProfessorDey (SteamID : ProfessorDey) for making a Bunnykin stable update.
  8. Enraged Koala Ready

    Enraged Koala Ready
  9. Furious Koala compatible

    Now works with the Furious Koala version. - Thanks to Shoehead for telling me what to change.
  10. bunnykin_v0_3_angry_koala

    - added carrot flute (1 carrot, 20 pixels at crafting table)
    -added "playerSpecies" : true, to species file - thanks to TheSkeletonSK
    -got rid of leftover layer file in respawn - thanks to TheSkeletonSK