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C.R Bound - NGS beta 0.2

Crazy Starbound The New Genesis

  1. kira_yamato
    This mod is a prototype version, so there is a lot of unfinished content.

    C.R Bound is a comprehensive mod that is all about messing up vanilla Starbound's weapons and item system.
    The original plan also included expanding the storyline quests, but since I delayed it so long I almost forgot about it, so I split it off into another mod (Maybe it will be released much later).
    Because it was made in a hurry, it hasn't been tested for related bugs and other issues.
    And my own lua code skill is simply awful...So the mod may have some conflicting issues with unforeseen bugs and crashes, so if you're unfortunate enough to encounter problems while playing the mod, please let me know.

    so what has this mod messed up?

    NGS RNG Weapon

    As I said, I added some standalone RNG weapon mechanics called "NGS Weapons", which are different from vanilla RNG weapons in that they are better and have various features in uncommon/rare qualities that could upset the balance of the vanilla game (for example, an assault rifle that fires scattershot bullets and grant a doomcannon's doomed debuff when hitting an enemy).
    Also, NGS weapons are much cooler looking than vanilla weapons (probably)
    Here's what's on display.

    Wait, you're asking me why I didn't showcase the grenade launcher? Well, I integrated it with the rocket launcher into one weapon — the Launcher. yes, I removed the rocket and grenade, leaving just the launcher, and now it can fire projectile for either the rocket launcher or the grenade launcher.

    Replace SAIL and Changed some of the mission dialog boxes.

    I replaced some of SAIL's dialog avatars with an alien cat named Raggio.
    I plan on add the available for hire aliens cats afterward.

    Modified vanilla items and add new recipes

    Made the Folding Chair usable and added the corresponding recipe.
    Also added some new weird food that is much better than vanilla foods.
    food showcase.png

    Monsters can now drop weapons
    This is a crazy idea.
    Monsters have a small chance of dropping a weapon.
    It allows you to find weapons faster, but sometimes it doesn't work very well...

    bandit now heavily armed

    These baddies will now wear various levels of armor from stolen or looted from other races, and they now use NGS weapons in addition to npc-specific weapons, oh my god.

    New Unique Weapons
    I've packed nearly 10+ unique weapons into the mod. Some of them drop from vanilla bosses and can also be crafted, but a portion of them is admin tools or unused contents(because they are too powerful to be introduced directly into the normal gameplay).


    So that's the bulk of C.R. Bound NGS above, I think you can download and try it out.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


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