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  1. Hats Galore!

    Adds thirty nine hats for the Canids to wear. They are adapted versions of existing hats. The Outfit Fitter has been added to the Canids' Empty Hands Crafting menu. You probably have seen the Outfit Fitter before in the "Terrakin Race." The Outfit Fitter is an easy way of providing players with race adapted versions of hats shirts and pants; that I have shared for the idea for with other Race modders. Newly added hats are;

    Banana Mask,
    Bandit's Hood,
    Bear Hat,
    Brewmaster Hat,
    Captain's Cap,...
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  2. Appearance Tweaks

    I have revisited the old artwork from various weapons, armors, and the Canids themselves and updated their appearances with brand new appearances inspired by the old armors.
  3. Changes to the Canids World

    Changed the lay out of the Canids Home world mission entirely. Also changed the way players get there.
    Screenshot (35).png
  4. Temple tweaks and new weapons!

    Tweaked some of the monsters spawn frequency and max spawn count in the Forgotten Temple. In addition there are three new weapons you can get at the Temple Console; these weapons are the Aegisalt Crossbow, AK-47 Professional, and the much anticipated Occasus Reaper!
  5. Temple Spelunker

    I am finally back and I have brought a large update. There is now a mission for you and a team of friends to take on "The Forgotten Temple."
  6. Hunting Prologue

    Released some of the hunting expansion along side several bug fixes and other updates.
  7. Bug Fix

    Fixed an error that caused players to be unable to enter their ship.
  8. Bug Fix

    Fixed the fusion forge crafting crash.
  9. Little clean up.

    Changes the parallax and music of the Canids world, changes the stock of the Canid merchants, fixed salt recipe.
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  10. A tiny fix