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Castlevania 1.3.2

Objects ripped from Castlevania games + a few misc things

  1. 1.3.2

    Finally the paintable things are paintable once again!
    all u need is this little tool: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/paint-gun-mod.4636/ (made by Charlatan and me)
    The list of the things that can be coloured is on the main page (i'll probably be adding more to that). also all the them are tagged with a *can be coloured* line. and for record i totally didnt copy it from Nostalgic...
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  2. FU compatability fix

    -fix crash when FrackinUniverse installed
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  3. halloween update

    a few creepy objects:

    and some spooky headgears (plus one backpack):

    some notes on pocket dimension:

    -it's a very very big container


    -may look weird on resolutions lower than 1080
    -may cause frame drops
    -quite pricey
    -each use requires a bit of player's soul

    have fun!
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  4. 1.2.1

    -the rest of novas descriptions are added
    -added priority=2 (hopefully doesnt break anything)
    -removed light augments (the interface is broken and they can be bought anyway)
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  5. spears and daggers

    -added spears and short swords (as usual unlocked when new ores are picked)
    spears.png shortswords.png
    - added almost all novakids descriptions (written by thegreatpie)
    - vanilla things to sell: light augments for backpack, upgrade and manipulator upgrades, tech cards
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  6. compatibility fix

    -fix compatibility with mods that alter vanilla files
  7. 1.1

    -all weapons can be bought from librarian (if u already have all the ores, u need to repick them)
    -added swords
    -added or tweaked abilites on swords, my personal favourite is spinning attack (pretty much like in old star wars games on snes)
    thx goes to cybersam for figuring out the lua part;
    -no delay between attacks and alts on all weapons and shields;
    -no perfect block on shields, since no delay (so it cant be exploited);
    -weapons (and tools) unlocked when new...
  8. small fix

    -fixed some tiles didnt show up ingame (glass tiles, logs and fence)
    -added wooden block for building (block I - im running out of letters :( )
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  9. 1.0

    pretty much the same thing as 1.0b, but for the stable version
    installation path is a bit different now, info on that in the archive

    steam workshop version coming soon
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  10. Beta update for Unstable 1.0

    as expected, unstable broke some things, hopefully everything is fixed now.
    however i may have missed smth, so the whole thing needs more testing.

    heres the changelog:
    -interface tweaked a bit (tried to make it more symphony of the night)
    -since everything sorted by 'shortdescription' name, lots of things
    were renamed so they sort better
    (thats why there are weird names like Lamp Wall7 or Statue Monk)
    -fixed storages
    -fixed all items that have nodes (light, switches etc)
    -fog has sound when...
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