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Any unofficial mods that add additional races to Starbound.

Top Mods

  1. Avali (Triage)
    Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift - by Fevix
    Updated: Nov 23, 2020
  2. Felins
    Catgirls in Space! - by Kawa
    Updated: Sep 2, 2019
  3. The Peglaci
    A race of peaceful, peace-keeping humanoids from an icy world. - by Djinn
    Updated: Sep 3, 2015
  4. Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion
    A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content - by Aegonian
    Updated: Jul 9, 2019
  5. the pony modpack
    a starbound my little pony: friendship is magic centred modpack - by C0bra5
    Updated: Jun 10, 2020
  1. Toamac

    Zoroarks (WIP,discontinued) 2.0

    playble zoroark for starbound
    5/5, 2 ratings
    Apr 21, 2018
  2. TanzNukeTerror

    [Starbound 1.4+] Playable Fenerox! 1.8.0 + 2020-07-31

    Makes the adorable Fenerox species, playable!
    4.85/5, 20 ratings
    Aug 1, 2020
  3. redfoxdev

    [WIP] Timelord Race mod (with Regeneration!) 0.1

    Adds the Timelord race with regeneration abilities.
    5/5, 2 ratings
    Aug 12, 2019