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Centaur Race Mod (Animations are out!) .05 again

Too many Centaurs

  1. Thinking about bringing this mod back.

    So a lot of things happened in my life that made me randomly discontinue this mod. I got kicked out of my house, I had to get a full time job while going to school. I rarely had time to play games let alone create a mod. I ended up joining the army and had 7 months of training. I just graduated my AIT and I'm home again. I haven't really looked at this game in awhile but every once in awhile I think about this mod and how cool it would have been if I could have finished it. I have a lot of...
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  2. Hahahahahaha I forgot one character.

    Here is an update that should fix the crashing and stuff! Thanks to @Antyrus because god knows I would not have found the error.

    Also the mod is now in a .pak format so it should be just a drag and drop installation!

    Thanks for the patience and support!
  3. Please work

    For some reason my mod did not update last time so let's hope it works this time!
  4. .05 is out! (Animations)

    I finally got it in a playble state, then found a work around all the errors I was running into. Please tell me any glitches/exploits you find!

    Current glitches:

    Pants look more bipedal like than quadpedal like.

    Climbing changes you into a human(not a glitch, just me trying to figure out how to make a horse climb a rope).

    Body kinda goes in the ground when running up a hill or staircase (I don't think I can fix this but I can try)