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Change Dialogues English and Spanish 2.0.5

It change the names of all villagers and change the gender of the male villagers.

  1. Update

    Added compatibility with Razolyn.
  2. Update

    • Merged the Spanish and English mods into one. (Change Dialogues, Canon Friendly Dialogues and Looking for Love)
  3. Update

    Added Female Gunther.
    Cleaned the code.
  4. Update

    • Added the female version of the Dwarf and Morris.
    • Now, the female Alex goes to the Woman dressers, when she goes to exercise on Winter.
    • Edited the Woman dressers for Alex to be able to do the exercises.
    • Now you can put a name on the Henchman and the Old Mariner.
  5. Update

    Fixed the female Victor sprites.
  6. Update

    • Fixed that Willy can't be Male.
    • Added the configuration for choosing the Wroms: Treasure Chest: "WormsSprite": "Chest", Worms: "WormsSprite": "Vanilla",
    • Now the token for choosing gender changed, for example: before was "Harvey": "Male" or "Female", now it's "HarveyGender": "Male" or "Female"
    • To change the Wizard, now it's "WizardName", instead of "RasmodiusName"
    • Added to posibility to change the gender of the female villagers. It's not ready jet, but will be in the...
  7. Update

    • Now if you wan't the Vanilla sprites, just put Vanilla on the new option for every female villager. Default are New.
    • Like for "AbigailSprite": "Vanilla", or "AbigailSprite": "New",
    • Other optimisations of the code.
  8. Fix

    • Changed the location of the config file from ChangeDialoguesEn to ChangeDialogues to unify the 2 mods En and Es
    • You can copy the file config.json from the old folder to the new folder, so you don't loose the configuration and then you can delete the folder ChangeDialoguesEn.
    • Improved the binaries.
  9. Krobus

    Added female version of Krobus
  10. Gus

    Added Gus female version