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Chaosbound 1.4.4

Throw away the predictableness of Starbound and embrace the chaos

  1. Compatibility Fix

    Joseph K
    Added small change to hopefully make the mod more compatible with other mods that affect vanilla assets.
  2. Major Improvements

    Joseph K
    *Erchius Horror, Dreadwing, Ixodoom, Heart of Ruin and Swansong can now spawn any monster in the game.
    *The Glitch mission is now fully randomised except where the boss is concerned.
    *Npcs in missions will no longer be the same every time.
    *Various health changes to bosses.
    *Hopefully fixed problem with The Ruin sometimes crashing when you beam to it.
    *Kluex Avatar no longer moves during its plasma ball attack to stop it from getting stuck against the wall and permanently spamming the...
  3. Floran Mission Fix

    Joseph K
    Fixed issue with the Floran mission crashing when you try to beam to it.
  4. Bone Dragon and Vault Guardian fix

    Joseph K
    *Bone Dragon now moves and attacks instead of flying in place doing nothing and refusing to die.
    *Vault Guardians also behave like they're supposed to, and can now show up in missions and not just on planets. Ancient Vaults will also have randomly selected bosses because Vault Guardians can be fought anywhere.