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Character Creation Extender 100 1.1

Character Creation Extender with 100 species slots.

  1. Uploaded correct version take two

    Reuploaded and tested by downloading to make sure mod on forums was current version. Tested and working. Actually, no new changes.

    About previously reported bugs:
    Okay I spent a few days using Skittles Template to make 93 identical functioning race mods that I know work. It was the only way I could track down and duplicate bugs. I figured out why I couldn't fix these bugs.

    There is no bug.

    So I have screenshots of it working with all 100 races loaded up, 7 original and 93 test races. They all show up. I did a little research. The bug is related to taking a different race, whether a template, or an original, and not renaming the race review picture. If the pics names and the name of the mod don't match, they won't be found and displayed. More about this here

    I only realized what the problem was by trying to make a custom batch file of my own to rename all of the files/folders/content sequentially for 93 folders instead of having to manually rename things. It isn't the batch file, it is the OS you may be using. Some OSs rename utility takes a path say... /foo/foo/foo.txt
    and makes a list of files to change by making a list of files based on the path. If you have a batch file to change the folder, and it does, it only finds one. After you change the parent directory, you get
    bar/foo/foo.txt as the new path, and it doesn't change the child directory or the file name after that because they are no longer in the same path your search found them in before telling it to change the file name.

    We ended up using the default batch file and manually changing all 93 by hand to get it to work 100%. If your custom races preview image isn't showing up, this is most likely the issue. I did have another bug happen similar, but not identical. We got to test47 and had two test48 races show up. Duplicate races may be because you named them the same. We had accidently named 47 and 48 both as 48, but I had to go in manually to make the names for the mods. If you have duplicates, it may be like one race I manually update myself. The person making it forgot to change ALL the filenames, and it shows up with the name of the race it was based off of.

    Actually, there is still one (non-gamebreaking) bug. Slain on Steam reported and I CAN duplicate that slots 50-54, the first row on top right side, don't have the description pop up when hovering over the portrait. Still haven't tracked that down. Mod should be usable without the description however.
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