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Character Portrait Overhauls!

Touch up to the NPC portraits, staying true to the vanilla style.

  1. I'm BACK baby!

    Hey guys! Long time no see. Sorry about basically abandoning this mod for a while. I'm back though, and working hard again.

    I've updated Emily and Maru's portraits to work with 1.1. Shane's is also about 80% of the way done, so expect that one in the next few days.

    I also noticed that while I've been away there are new methods of modding. I'll look into .pak files to see what that entails. If it's easier for you guys, I'll be more than happy to provide those instead of the .zip files that...
  2. Character Portrait Overhauls! - Added slim Abigail, Caroline, and Linus [Mar 20]

    Bit of a major update! First pictures...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First of all, I made a new version of Abigail with a slimmer face. This was very often requested on Nexus and Reddit, so I figured I'd get it out of the way since it's a quick fix. I made the slimmer Abigail the default, since it's closer to the original. If you prefer the rounder faced version, it's available as...
  3. Emily Added

    Emily added!


    Tweaked her hair, and slightly modified her clothes.
  4. Lewis Added

    Added Lewis!


    Lewis didn't take much editing. I mostly removed the dithering, and added some age lines to his face. I also slightly modified his nose.
  5. Robin added!

    Robin was surprisingly tough. I decided to give her a bun to match her sprite.

  6. Bearded and Shaved Harvey Variants added!

    Now you can have the Harvey of your dreams :lickitung:

    Check the first page of the thread or Nexus page for downloads!